Reviews For Woman's World Magazine

Woman's World

I ordered this magazine for my mom's 85th birthday. She likes the short articles and tips. This magazine is for all ages. Great for the long winter months to have a new magazine each week. Would highly recommend.

Excellent magazine.

My mom loves this magazine and I ordered it for her. I enjoy reading it as well. The magazine took longer than expected to be delivered and hopefully it'll come on time every week from now on.

Great Magazine

I have read this magazine since the first day it came out. Have been a faithful weekly reader since then. Fast reads, great articles.

Woman's World magazine rocks

I find this magazine to have many interesting tid-bits about lots of subjects. It's not fancy but at least it's not all advertisements like most magazines. Love it!

Woman's Day magazine

I originally bought this magazine for my mother in-law for her birthday. She was buying this every week so it made sense. She and her family loved it so much I had to renew it for her birthday this year. It made it easier to get her gift knowing she loved it so much.

Thanks for making it easy to buy and to renew.

My friend loves this magazine

I am not sure if the subscription began yet, but my friend loves this magazine so I decided to order it for her as a gift. She'll let me know when it starts.

Woman's World - A Realistic Look

This is one of the few women's magazines out there that actually portrays a variety of interesting stories about real women from all walks of life. Although you will find the usual fashion, diet, and make-up information, it does not dominate the entire magazine as it does in many others. Most of the stories are unique and unusual or touching in some way, yet they are things that could happen to any of us. Reading it gives you a feeling of having a closer tie with womanhood in general. This is the only woman's magazine I've ever had where I could stand to read the entire thing without skipping a lot of articles. You will find everything from miraculous medical cures, special relationships, or women making a stand in the world in some way. The magazine comes out weekly so you don't have to wait long for another one when you finish it.

My only disappointment began after I'd written a couple of articles for Woman's World a few years ago. I was told that my writing was very good and I was the rare person who's article would not have to be heavily edited. The articles are written by the real women who the stories are about which gives it an extra personal touch. I was greatly disappointed to find that my article had been heavily butchered so that it read nothing like I had originally written it. There was only one sentence of my own that had been left intact in the entire story. I felt the changed story was horrible and filled with overly emotional mush. It ruined it for me to realize that these articles were changed to fit a certain attitude wanted by the editors and the stories were not told exactly as the women had meant them to be told after all. Not only that, but they had called and pressed me frequently to supply the name and pictures of the man written about in my article...a child molester who had never been formally accused by any of the many people he harmed. These people had forbidden me to ever say the man's name in the story. This could have left me open to a lot of legal trouble, but they finally agreed to use my article without pictures.

I did send them another story and they wanted to use it, but only if I would let them print pictures of me and my small children along with it. They did not care that I felt the story was to personal to include our pictures, so they changed their minds on my story.

All in all, this magazine is far better than most of the other junk out there for women. It is entertaining to read during your free time. My only complaint is the feeling that the stories have all been heavily altered from what the original authors had wanted to say.


Good for the money

I love reading Woman's World magazine. My mom gives me her copies when she is done with them. I am a quick reader and love a variety of stories. This is exactly what it gives.

I love the idea that they are true stories and very inspiring. They give you hope about life. They give you hope when maybe you are going through the same thing. I recommend anyone who likes to read magazines, to read this one. It is good also for men to read.

I know that most men won't buy it for themselves, but I've caught my own husband thumbing through them and reading a few of the stories. I talk with him about them also. It gives you something to talk about, and reassures you that you are not alone.

The variety of things in there are so neat. My favorite part in the whole magazine is the page about neat ideas for the common people like me. It gives wonderful advice on how to use common items for use of other things.

I also love the last page of the magazine, with the pics. of babies and the inspiring "Happy Ending" stories and the little comments on "Was my face red!". What a magazine. Try reading it sometime.


Woman's World Enjoyable

I love this magazine. The price is right. I love the stories from ordinary people dealing with life changing problems. I usually find at least one story that brings tears to my eyes. Plus there is a great crossword in every issue. I am a crossword fanatic. Every issue has great recipes plus usually a diet program. Also, there is a romance and a mini mystery in every issue. This is a very enjoyable magazine, it has something for everyone. It talks about real people and real life problems that you can relate to. I think this magazine is wonderful. A similar magazine that is equally enjoyable is for women First. Every week when I grocery shop I usually buy both these mags. They are both entertaining. My only complaint is they suggest a diet or exercise program while at the same time showing you how to cook your favorite dishes.


It's Worth a Buck Twenty-Five

This magazine reminds me a bit of the Enquirer. I see it in the checkout line, and I'm a little embarrassed to pick it up. It's got an ugly, tabloid look to it, complete with soap opera stars on the cover. Oh... but I can't help myself. I confess, I'm a magazine addict. Woman's World is one of the few I can pass up subscribing to, but I often grab it in the checkout line, admittedly lured by the diet-of-the week. Yes, that's right. This magazine promises each week that it holds the cure to creating thin readers. Mind you, I doubt these diets work. If they did, the mag wouldn't have a new one every week, because their readers would ALREADY be thin from the last diet!

Regardless, Woman's World is still a pleasant magazine. It's filled with sweet, inspirational stories. I love the "real-life" drama stories, in which some ordinary citizen is trapped in a fire, flood, or some other natural disaster and a hero comes along to save them at the last minute. There aren't any controversial articles here, this is pure warm-fuzzy-lovey-feel good stuff. That can be really nice to read, a nice break from the "real" world, where everyone is cranky and selfish. A warning to agnostics: I don't think Woman's World is "officially" a Christian mag, but it dribbles a lot of religion throughout its pages.

Now, this magazine is really not for trendy types. The fashions are just plain ugly (unless you like hand-knitted clothes, in which case I apologize). But it's cheap, as far a magazines go. A buck twenty-five. Can't beat that. With the sweet features and the cheap recipes, you certainly get your money's worth.