Reviews For Wild Animal Baby Magazine

Everything is good except the binding

The magazine is interesting and informative. My toddler can recognize and tell the names of many animals, she learns a lot from the magazine.
Just one thing is that the binding easily coming off after a few times of flipping.
We would like to keep the magazines and so the siblings and other kids can have the chance to read them.

I have been gluing and putting scotch tapes all over the magazines, but they still not holding up.

Hope the publisher will look into this matter and have it improved.
Thank you for your attention.


great magazine with fun LITTLE stories and daughter has enjoyed it for 2 years(3 1/2 yrs) and my older child really liked that when she was learning to read it was managable.

Well-enjoyed magazine, poorly constructed

My children, ages 3 and 1, both really enjoy this magazine -- of the three magazines I ordered (this, Click and Babybug), this is the only one they each seek out and / or request. My only gripe is that it's poorly constructed: the pages aren't cut evenly. This matters not at all to my children, but each month I notice it and I don't understand why they can't get their machines aligned .... But that's truly picayune because the pictures are terrific, the stories cute, and the educational games fun and appealing (to my 3 year-old, that is).

Sweet, Formulaic Publication for Toddlers

We actually had the opportunity to preview this publication prior to subscribing after finding a few copies in a thrift store. My daughter, at the time 18 months, immediately fell in love with one issue that featured leopards. We must have read that single issue to her 100+ times, seriously.

We already had a subscription for Babybug, and decided to add this one to the mix.

The publication is referred to as being a board book style, but that is a bit deceptive. It's card stock - heavy weight paper that can take a fair amount of abuse - and has a non-glossy finish. I consider the matte finish to be a plus over Babybug's glossy finish. The card stock is also more heavy duty than Babybug.

Each issue repeats a familiar formula, beginning with three pages of stock photographs of the monthly baby animal (displayed on the cover), each page containing a brief descriptive sentence that correlates to the photo. It then moves on to a couple games (ie. Can you find *blank* in the picture? or Can you match the lion animal cracker with the real lion? or Find two animals that are the same color.) There's always a small mimic-the-animal physical activity. My daughter's favorite and most memorable asked you to 'stretch like an arctic fox' and showed a child stretching and on the opposite page, the animal counterpart doing the same. The final pages of the issue - and frankly the most dull for both myself and my daughters - are dedicated to poorly-illustrated and dull stories, with cheesy dialogue. I think they should leave the story-telling to Babybug, as they relentlessly miss the mark month after month with this segment.

But despite the ending always being a let-down, I don't regret subscribing - that is at the more fair price offered through the NWF site. It's always really fun for the kids to get an unexpected surprise in the mail. Nice for mom too. Sometimes these will arrive to coincide with shopping day and they're a great new source of entertainment that gets us through a store trip. Other times their arrival just brightens an otherwise dreary day. They hold up pretty well to multiple readings, and some rough play in between. I love that they have created this publication - and Babybug - for toddlers. This one is especially interesting to children who have a fondness for animals, as does my youngest child. I noticed ages 2-6 associated with this, but will add that my 4 year old has definitely outgrown them. I'd recommend them to children under 3 years.

quick and cute

Ordered Baby Animal for my grand daughter. We love it, she loves the pictures and hearing us read to her. We got it sooner than we expected it..we love it.

Kind of boring

My 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter don't really care for this. It was given as a gift by Grandma and when it comes in the mail they are excited to get mail but they never want Mom to read it to them. Not a lot of information in them. Only a few sentences about a couple of animals and maybe 1-2 very easy short activity pages. They don't even care to look at it with me begging them. My daughter loves the sparkle world magazine and my son the Thomas magazine but this one they just have no interest in.

New 'look' is awful and over-commercialized looking

We have been subscribing to this for a couple of years now. I'm a wildlife biologist who grew up on Ranger Rick. It's a great organization, NWF. *BUT*...I am sorely disappointed in this mag's new look! The pages are not not even card stock anymore and seem more flimsy, but the worst part is the new 'cartoon' section...the story is awful, it looks like they're trying to script a TV show...which, incidentally, there IS a TV show with these characters that they encourage us to watch!!! I'm sorry, but kids under 3 shouldn't even be watching TV, they should be *outside* experiencing the outdoors first hand and gaining an appreciation of *actual* and not *virtual* nature!!! NWF should be smarter than this. SHAME, SHAME on them!! Encouraging kids to watch *cartoons* of all things! This is a HUGE disappointment and an outrage...I hope they change this soon. The only reason I gave 2 stars was b/c I think NWF is still a good organization overall, they just really screwed up here. For more on this issue, check out [...].

Not Really A "Board Magazine"

I ordered this magazine for my 2 year old grandson. He is constantly trying to take his big sister's magazines and I thought I had found the perfect solution. The magazine does have "wonderful animal photos, short picture stories and fun activities" like the product description said. However, it is NOT a "board magazine" as claimed. The pages are only as thick as cardstock, a big difference from board books you can buy for toddlers. My grandson loves to read but like any boy he plays rough with his things. If the magazine isn't put up and only looked at with an adult, it won't last long.

The books fall apart so easily

I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. It's cheaply made so the pages would fall apart quickly. The content is okay but it's a bit too random. Usually I enjoy children's book along with my kid, but not this one. I give it two stars because the price is okay.

Not for young babies

It is not boardbook, the layout isn't very interesting, and the images in this book look like cheap stock photos (I am expecting bold illustration for my 3 month old baby) I can easily buy stock photos online and print them out instead of buying this magazine.