Reviews For Wild Animal Baby Magazine

Good pick for the 2-3 year olds

I think this is a very nice magazine selection for under 3 year olds. Lots of nice pictures and always some nice information to learn about animals. There are suggestions for songs and activities too which is nice. I bring all the issues with me on trips and they always entertain my 2 year old. The harder than usual pages of the magazine make the magazine hold up longer.

Something to look forward to in the mail!

My daughter got a subscription as a 1st birthday present, and she's always excited to get "my 'pecial mag'zine" in the mail! She wants to read it again and again, and loves learning about new, different animals. This would be a fabulous gift from a grandparent who lives far away, every month they'll think of you and be happy.

Wild Animal Magazine is an Excellent Learning Tool

Wild Animal Baby is a magazine publication intended for toddlers between the ages of twelve and forty- eight months. This periodical is one of several that are issued each month by the National Wildlife Federation and, like the others, it is a magazine about animals, with a special focus on the small babies of many different species of animals.

This magazine makes a special effort to educate youngsters on the different species of animals that exist with plenty of visuals to capture the attention of toddlers and hold their interest. Wild Animal Baby opens up with four pages that feature a specific animal in its natural habitat. It then continues with different features about animals and their young, educating children on the different animals that exist, how they are alike, how they are different, how they find food, etc.

Wild Animal Baby strives mostly to educate children about animals, but there is more to this short magazine than that. Some of the monthly sections include other educational material as well, such as individual exercises/practice sessions that teach counting, memorization of the alphabet, recognition of opposite traits in specific animals, and more. Wild Animal Baby even includes a game in each issue, for entertainment and amusement, and each issue ends with a section titled Out and About, which includes a brief story, complete with illustrations that are drawn/painted, making them look like those from a typical children's book.

One of the many great qualities of Wild Animal Baby is that it can be used to make lesson plans for youngsters. I know some individuals who work in the day care business and they rely on Wild Animal Baby to help them create educational lessons each month relating to different species of animals. Parents, too, can utilize Wild Animal Baby to create lessons that focus on the different animals and their characteristics. Kids can learn about a variety of animals, study the alphabet, count the number of animals on a page, play an animal find game, and more.

I like reading magazines so it was only a matter of time until I introduced my girls to periodicals. Wild Animal Baby is an excellent place to start and toddlers will love receiving a magazine in the mail each month with their own name on the address label. It's a short magazine, yes. But the length is just right for young toddlers between the ages of one and four and it serves as an excellent learning tool that both young people and parents will greatly enjoy.

Won't give them up

My daughter is 6 and I put her stack of these in the "donate" pile.. she pitched a FIT *laugh*. Great little books for all ages.
I will be ordering them again for my next child.

Profound change in my 18 mo old

This has been one of the best purchases since my daughter was born. She is a very active child and for months hasn't been able to sit still for any book for more than 10 sec. I had tried so many books such as Good Night Moon, many Boynton books, and other classics. Nothing!

I knew she loved animals so I ordered Wild Animal Baby. She can't get enough! We have to push her out of our lap to get her to go to bed.

We love the pictures and illustrations and the subtle learning that is presented in this magazine. Our daughter has even begun to act out the animals in the book and we were surprised how well she does matching the animals up. She enjoys every page in the book. Also, soon as she walks into her room, she picks up an issue and sits by herself turning pages.

This is perfect for those of you who have children with very short attention spans, like mine.

Great Magazine for Toddlers

I got this as a gift for my daughter's first birthday and she has loved every issue. We have read them all over and over again. She is now 19 months old and continues to get excited when a new issue arrives. We spend days reading and re-reading it. The only downfall I have found is that while the boardbook style is great, it is possible with alot of use for the pages to come out of the binding. This is easily fixed with some clear tape.

Wild Animal Baby

Just perfect for the under 3yrs. crowd. A hardcover (boardbook) "magazine" that is not preachy - has big pictures that are friendly and just enough text. A perfect gift when you know one more toy or game will just be a waste. And even the littlest people love to get something in the mail.

excellent for ages 2-4

We started getting this when my daughter was 2. She enjoyed the stories and pictures. Now that she is 3, she is able to fully enjoy what it has to offer- can act out the animals, and complete the interactive games. I am thrilled to read her something that is varied and interesting. She loves most books but I find this especially cute, and educational. Also it's great to get something in the mail for her. I wholeheartedly endorse this magazine.

We love this magazine

I don't understand the reviews saying it is not well constructed or that the images aren't very good. Are you sure you are talking about Animal Baby? The pages are very heavy duty and there is a nice mix of photography and bright picures as well as illustrations. There are really all types of media used I find. My son really loves these mags. We are starting to tape up a few of the older ones because they have some wear and tear on them, but overall they are holding up pretty good I think considering the use they get. This is the only magazine I have ordered in a long while that I will be renewing.

Perfect Magazine for Toddlers

My son also has a subscription to Your Big Backyard, and we use both of them as part of his pre-school curriculum.

The style of this magazine is like a board book, although the pages aren't as thick, and sometimes the binding can come loose. I just tape it together, and it's not a problem.

Each issue highlights a letter of the alphabet, some form of counting, identifying shapes and colors, as well as all the animals featured. Towards the end of the magazine is a short story featuring the same characters each issue.

The magazine also includes songs, poems, and recipes, just to name some of the other interesting information provided. The size of the magazines makes it easy for my son to store them in his toddler desk.

Reading the issues over and over has become part of our daily routine.