Reviews For Wild Animal Baby Magazine

wonderful for toddlers

We love this magazine at our house. I subscribed to Animal Baby and Babybug for my daughter when she turned one. She loves to read them both. They are kept in every room of our house, the car and in the bag to take away. Both books are a great idea for any child. The Animal Baby is a great introduction to animals. My daughter is now 18 months and knows so many animals and their sounds (if I know them). I would recommend this one definitely!

A Family Favorite

This is, indeed, a board-book style magazine. Read that as magazine. It's not thick board like some parents may expect - but it's made of thicker board paper which is harder for toddlers to bend or rip. The content each month focuses on two or three animals, one is always presented in photographs and shown interacting with their parents and environment. As some negative reviewers point out, the information is sparse for an older child or adult - however, for a young toddler (under 3) it's the perfect amount of information for their attention and learning needs. My daughter started receiving this (as a birthday gift) on her first birthday and it became a very quick favorite. Animals are an obsession for her and at storytime she is more likely to bring us one of the Animal Baby magazines she has than to pick out a book. (We still like to vary her reading material each day, though, mostly for our own sanity.) She loves getting mail, too! We've always had a ritual of her helping us get the mail when it comes.. and when the magazine arrived and we told her it was for her, she got a huge smile and did a dance. With each issue she gets very excited and carries it immediately to the couch for storytime.

Animal Baby

I believe all children should have access to wildlife and animals of all kinds. I have ordered this for my grandchildren and now my great-grand-children. All of them know that when the maagazine comes, Grandma Sherry has sent them this maagazine. This way they can associate the magazine with this grandma. As they age, I get the next appropriate magazine for them. Thanks for a great magazine.

2 year old niece loves her subscription!

I got a subscription for my 2 year old niece to both Animal Baby and Babybug. Although my brother says Babybug is her favorite, she also loves her monthly issues of Animal Baby!


I bought this for the little girl I Nanny for. She is 13 months old and LOVES to read. She will sit for a very long time looking at all the pages in 'her magazine'. GREAT IDEA!!

Nice simple drawings

We bought this book when my son turned 1 year. This is his first book thats not a board book. He took some time getting used to holding it without tearing it or crumbling it much. Once he learned that, he fell in love with the family in the "Out and About". He is fascinated by the outings they did and keeps us asking to tell him their stories. We are happy that he is showing interest in books and that this book keeps him glued to one place for more than 15 minutes.

Enjoying the magazine in France

As Americans living abroad, it's great to find such a good magazine in english that can be delivered to our home--and at such a reasonable price. The first issue came quickly too. The content is really cute and appropriate and there are no ads. A great gift indeed!

One of the best purchases I've ever made...

This is a wonderful publication that my daughter absolutely loves. She started receiving "Wild Animal Baby" around 13 months of age and she was interested in it immediately. She is now 18 months and still pulls out every issue daily. She loves flipping through it on her own or bringing it to me so we can read it together. The pages are bright and colorful and have always held her interest. And it's so much fun, she doesn't know that she's learning.
My only complaint is that because these magazines are so well-loved, that the pages are starting to fall out. If the publisher can find a way to keep the pages from falling out, I would without a doubt give it all 5 stars. Even as is, I highly recommend it and will be ordering it as a gift for others.

A "Must Subscribe" for Toddlers

When Animal Baby arrives at our house, it's like Christmas Day. Our 16-month-old absolutely loves it. It's colorful, imaginative and holds her interest from cover-to-cover.

My only knock against it is the construction. It is not, as indicated, a board book. It is of mid-weight carboard construction and it falls apart after a few handlings. All of our copies are taped together and our baby is not particulalry destructive.

So get a subscription and a roll of clear postal tape and you're in business.

My daughter enjoys this magazine!

My daughter, who is 26 months old, really enjoys this magazine (and I do too!) I loved "Ranger Rick" when I was a little girl, and I'm so glad that they have created a magazine for the REALLY little kids! It is printed on "board" like paper. We love looking at the pictures and then trying to find the animals outside! Recommended to all!