Reviews For Veranda Magazine

A great source for design

The design here is perfect for the kind of home owner that wants a home in neighborhood with its own country club. Y'know, very comfortable and traditional. As an artist in the design industry, Veranda is a wonderful guide for what's popular and innovative in that market.

Good decor inspiration

If you are looking for some classic decor ideas, this is helpful. A lot of the picture stories are higher end, some were not applicable for me, but one can dream. I like more whimsical and out there ideas for home, but this was a good balance between classic and contemporary. A great gift for a friend that just bought a house or thinking of renovating!

One of the Very Best Decor/Architecture Mags

Simply put Veranda has been one of only 3 or 4 "Must Have" Decor/Architecture Mags out in the market today. Glorious photography, great writing & inspiring design, architecture & interior decoration! Wouldn't miss a copy!

nice pretty magazine

Lots of great and stunning pictures. not much in depth writeup. still a nice magazine to browse through repeatedly.


Home Magazine that has beautiful homes and ideas for everyone. They show all different kinds of decor not just the same over and over.
Very creative and inventive and at the forfront of the industry.

Classic European interior design & upscale living

Veranda is one of my favorite interior design magazines. Yes, there is quite a bit of advertising. Tho, most of the advertisements are beautifully done and are more like art than adverts.

Anyone could get decorating ideas from Veranda. Many times I have used Veranda to get ideas for garden design, floral design, home furnishing, art, textures and for choosing my home's color palette. If you shop in local antique shops, flea markets or even Ebay you can find similar antiques and art to recreate the designer looks in Veranda for much less money.

Each month in Veranda there's usually a pictorial feature on jewelry. I love the way the jewels are so beautifully arranged, then skillfully photographed.

As other reviewers have mentioned Veranda's paper stock is thick and glossy. Veranda will survive repeated reading.

Veranda--- Needs More Substance

I have only had the chance to review one issue ( September, 2010) and although I like what the magazine did cover with regards to various homes and gardens, I think that it needs more substance.
Advertising is too much in comparison to the number of articles presented.
If you are going to have a quality magazine as portrayed, then please have more feature articles.

Too many antiques for my taste

A good magazine, well-made. I like that they focused both on the inside and outdoors of your home.
It's not that I hate antiques, but it's close. Too many in here for my taste.

Not my taste

The design ideas in this magazine are not from today's modern Southern styles, but only seem to fit the Scarlett O'Hara genra.

What happened?

The suspicion is that as soon as I ordered the magazine, the editor has taken a hike from the office. Previously the interiors in the publication were impecable and some breath taking, now the magazine has become so bland and generic that it seems like Better Homes and Gardens have more sophistication in its pages. Very dissapointing