Reviews For Veranda Magazine

lavish living

For a look at luxurious items, sumptuous homes, beautiful gardens, and food that could pass for art, this magazine has it all. Published 6 times a year, it has exquisite photography, and brilliantly colored, thick glossy pages. The layout is coordinated so well with the ads (which are thankfully unscented), that I sometimes confuse them with the articles, and the topics range from art, antiques, and travel, but the bulk of the publicatation is devoted to elegant homes and gardens.

Among the many articles in The July-August 2003 issue for instance, there is "Masterworks: The Late Seascapes of Turner", with some little known works by this great English artist; "Coral, Beyond the Reef", fabulous jewelry from the coastal region of Naples, Italy, and floral designs from Bella Flora in Dallas, where celebrities buy their gorgeous bouquets. There are no prices listed for any items in this magazine, because I imagine that if one has to ask, one can't afford it.
Five homes are featured, all different, all in their own way marvelous, from an old Atlanta mansion filled with curious antiques, to a bright and modern, sparsely furnished London home with pistachio walls and lots of light.
As Editor-in Chief Lisa Newson says in "The View from Veranda", "Color is magic", and this magazine serves up a lot of it...a feast for the eyes, and a glimpse of lavish living.

Fabulous Magazine, highly recommended!!!!!!

A woman that is passionate about beautiful things writes this review. I am an avid do-it-yourselfer and love to do things around the house. This magazine has been one of my favorites for years. I look forward to each new issue and the decorating ideas that it will provide.

This magazine concentrates on upscale decorating, architecture and landscapes. Many of the articles feature European country looks. The photographs in this magazine are absolutely beautiful.

The July / August 2006 edition contained the following:

1.Venetian Villa (Adrienne Vittadini in Sarasota Florida)
2.Nantucket Renewal (Enlarging a Classic Cottage)
3.Blooming Intensity (Saturated with Color)
4.Coastal Hues (Seaside Radiance Captured)
5.British Accent (This side of the Pond)
6.The Art of Dining
7.The View from Veranda (Summer Place)
8.Tableaux (Staged Elegance)
9.Personal Luxury (Cool Coral)
10.On Exhibit (Jungles in Paris)
11.Trade Secrets (Summertime: Fabrics, Rugs, Lighting)
12.Passions (Birds of Paradise: Home Aviary Design)
13.Showcase (Summer Seating: For Pool and Porch)
14. Verdant Paths (Annevoie: Belgium's Water Garden)
15.The Last Word (Vanity Flair: Adrienne Vittadini Sketchbook)

There are many photographs of this magazine of both house interiors and exteriors that I find to be very inspirational from a decorating perspective. If you are looking for either painting or decorating ideas this magazine has much to offer. I have replicated some of the interiors in my own home.

The exterior photographs of this magazine are always very appealing. I have been slowing changing the landscaping on my property to reflect a more Italian way of life. I think you will be inspired to create an alfresco dining space after you have seen some of the beautiful landscape photographs.

The merchants that advertise in this magazine are fabulous. I have purchased many items from them and have always been happy with my purchases.

I highly recommend this magazine to anyone that loves interior design, or just likes nice things. This magazine is top notch all the way.

Gorgeous Magazine

What a gorgeous magazine. Long on content and not overdone with advertising. I've just gotten one issue, but every feature was superbly gorgeous!

Enjoyable Reading

Veranda magazine is a enjoyable read. The magazine inspires me to decorate my home with new and updated ideas.

Gorgeous Magazine

Veranda has become my favorite home/decor magazine. I love the style, content and beauty of this publication. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys this type of reading. It is truly relaxing and enjoyable to the very last page!

Gorgeous Quality Photos with Little Advertising

This magazine features beautiful homes with large photos on quality paper. There is little
advertising, far less than comparable magazines.
The homes range from traditional to contemporary and somewhere in between but
always designed with good taste and interesting features.
I will renew this magazine.

I can dream can't I?

This magazine is so packed full of goodies that you may need something with wheels to carry it out. The paper alone is worth the price.

There are a lot of good books on decorating. And more on picture of foreign places. This one however is of items that you will want and maybe even afford one or two, if you have not spent all your discretionary money on books and book cases. Every library should have a fire place and this magazine often shows some of the best surrounds. The furniture and art work is well within the norm but just beyond the ordinary.

Even if you do not take advantage of the ads and articles to spruce up your abode, you can sit back and dream of being there.

Lovely photos of designer homes

I agree that Veranda has too many advertisements, but that's the trade-off for this very affordable, high quality publication. I'm not sure I'm the intended target for this magazine because I can't afford most of the things in the ads, but I've gotten lots of ideas about color, layout and accessorizing that I can use, and the variety of architectural and design styles has helped me define my own style.


love it, I renew my subscription every year.
It's elegant,understated and modern,it showcases beautiful interiors,gorgeous flower arrangements and delicious recipes.

Absolutely Divine!

If you describe your style, taste as elegant or refined you will absolutely treasure this magazine. I love it and although my home is not quite as luxurious, I still get many ideas and guidance from this absolutely divine magazine!!