Reviews For Veranda Magazine

Love This Magazine!

This magazine has so many elegant ideas that can be used in my own modest home. For example, a few months ago there was a photo of a bathroom with beautiful pink floral curtains draped on each side of a bathtub and the effect was gorgeous, so I chose colors and a pattern that coordinated well with my guest bathroom and simply hung a curtain rod and draped the fabric over it and it's beautiful.

Most beautiful shelter magazine

I wonder often, however, if the photos are staged with accessories -- too many -- especially coffee table books. I would gladly move in after moving out the knick-knacks -- no matter how valuable.

I love it

I just got my first issue today, but I bought this because I previously subscribed to it, and enjoyed it. I also just bought my daughter a subscription since she wants ideas for her new condo in Chicago.

veranda magazine review

This is a wonderful magazine and I look forward to every issue. I get great ideas for home and garden from each issue. The cost is what got my attention as I was not going to renew after my last subscription expired. thank you for a great price for a very good magazine.

Great price

This magazine shows some beautifully decorated rooms.
It arrived when promised and the price is much lower then at a magazine stand.
Truly is a great value and I have never had any problems ordering my magazines through this seller.


One of my favorites!!! The photos are always beautiful and the paper used is a really nice quality. I have been a subscriber for many years.

my mom loves this magazine

i bought this as a gift for my mom and she thinks it's great. she lives in the south and although the magazine's focus is a little pricey for my mom she can live vicariously through it. it was a very reasonable price.

GREAT magazine

Love this magazine! Even though it's upscale and out of my league I still enjoy looking at it, and am able to get some decorating ideas from it at times. A keeper for sure!


I am a artist and a interior designer. I have suscribed to Architectural Digest many years and not to Veranda. If one is thristy for beauty, for quality, for the very best in art and design, then give the two above magazines a try7. Also try Town and Country. A treat of joy. It is a delight to do a small review. Thank you for giving me a voice in the arts. Alice Baker

An Exquisite Magazine

I look forward to each issue of Veranda, and it never disappoints me! The ineriors are tasteful, varied, and charming, and the articles brief but engaging.