Reviews For Texas Monthly Magazine

I have to disagree!

I've only subscribed for 2 years, but I must disagree with Sheila of Austin! I love this magazine and look forward to every issue! Granted, there are some articles that I skip over, but I believe that is true with every magazine out there. I hope people aren't discouraged with her review - just a difference of opinion, I guess...

Texas Monthly is relevant, interesting & informative

I have subscribed to Texas Monthly for quite a while and have ordered them as gifts to friends. It is an enjoyable read and it doesn't appear to be biased. I like the fact that it covers everything about Texas, not just Houston. They have different writers from every political, religious or cultural faction, yet it is distinctly Texas in flavor and looks. Keep up the good work, TM!

Good, interesting, informative....

I've been reading Texas Monthly for about 6 months now. It always has plenty of interesting articles. In each magazine, I'm surprised by the things I learn about the people and places in Texas. The articles can get pretty lengthy at times (a little too lengthy for my taste) and there are quite a few ads. (But, with the low price of a subscription, I guess that should be expected.) Overall, a good magazine that I will continue to renew.

Good magazine for Texans but it keeps getting smaller.

Review of the Magazine "Texas Monthly." I like this magazine. I enjoy reading articles about Texas since I am a Texan but they used to be a thick magazine with lots of articles and things of interest and they are getting smaller like most other magazines, but I will keep reading it.

Great Magazine!

This is a great magazine for anyone who lives in Texas. They feature unique and interesting articles about a variety of topics from the state. Alway a joy to read. Great magazine!

Great Magazine

I purchased Texas Monthly as a gift for a friend moving to Texas. It should give them lots of info on whats happening around the area and where to eat, shop and see whats going on. I love TM and would recommend it to anyone.

About Texans, for Texans

The essential monthly reader for people enamored with all things Texas. Although the advertisers are a bit on the elite side, the articles hit home with the rest of us. The entertainment guide is indispensable.

Good Reading

I've taken the magazine in the past, but have not yet read a recent issue. However, I've always enjoyed it previously.

Hopefully no more Bush bashing

Great articles if you can stand the extremely liberal, for Texas, writer's snipes. It and would be fantastic if they would leave the political commentary to the political commentary page.

Interesting Local Reading

I have somewhat mixed feelings about this magazine, as I can not tell to what type of audience this is truly meant for. The articles are hard hitting, and well written. I can not dispute that. Sometimes I simply don't find them all that interesting. I enjoy the restaurant reviews, its helpful knowing of a few good suggestions when traveling, or even locally. I find the advertising in the magazine to be a bid auspicious as it seems to cater only to those high members of society that are in serious need of spa treatments and an occasional face lift. Maybe its tough finding advertising, but I find that it takes away from articles about our local government and issues.
I do feel this is totally worth the subscription price, and you are bound to find 12 dollars of reading in a years time :) This might even be a good gift idea from someone that is no longer in the area.