Reviews For Texas Monthly Magazine

A little High Toned

I'm a native Texan and love to read about anything Texas. I had a subscription the this mag years ago and found it a little high-toned for my tastes then. i thought now that I had aged 30 or so years I would have found it more relevant.
I own a small ranch in the Hill Country and I'm no hick but it still seems this mag is directed more towards the Haughty Downtown Dallas type than your average Texan actually would be. Still just a little too snooty for me.

Good Magazine

Good magazine, with lots of interesting info and trivia on various places in Texas, and the way of life there.

Would like a little more substance...

Occasionally has very well written articles. Almost always learn something new about Texas, a new place to investigate. However, the content/advertising ratio has gotten so low that it's hard to read.

They cheat you out of a full year subscription

They do not send you a full year subscription. They sent me 2 issues, December 2008 and January 2009, that were already on the newsstands as my first issue and then wrote on my mailing label that my subscription ends in November 2009. That probably means it end in October 2009. Not fair.

Sad decline

I was a subscriber for about 5 years. I also read it a lot as a teen when my parents subscribed. But this year I let my subscription lapse without renewal. A few reviewers have criticized the liberal bias. Some of the articles are liberal to be sure, but overall I don't think it's a leftwing rag. I just noticed that the number of articles that interested me declined in number. In my opinion there were only about 4 great articles per year. Most of the others were either 'so-so' or just unreadable. Paul Burka is the only gem left in the Magazine. Even when I disagree with him I enjoy reading his articles. He's a very gifted writer. But he alone wasn't worth keeping the subscription going. From now on I will just peruse TM at the library. Hopefully a new editor will come along in the near future and return the magazine to it's former greatness.

Going down hill.

I have subscribed to this magazine off and on for the last 15 years. This magazine is known for the meticulously researched articles on Texas history and local figures. However, it seems that the better quality pieces have become fewer and more far between over recent years. I don't know if the magazine went through a change in ownership or what happened. They still have the occasional jewel but you have to wade through a ton of fluff.

Texas Monthly review

No better than it was years ago when I quit subscribing.
Too many ads and not enough articles of interest.
Still pretty poor.

Bird cage liner

I bought this magazine with high hopes that it would focus on issues pertaining to Texas. It does in part, but there is a blatant political bias in almost all the articles that is not representative of Texas as a whole. The writing in this magazine smacks of elitism under the guise of Lone Star pride (although there have been a few superb articles that defy the norm). If you like ads, this is your magazine. If you like an editor with a political axe to grind, this is your magazine. If you like to line the bottom of your birdcage with something other than newsprint, sadly, this is your magazine.

East Coast View

If you like a magazine about a conservative state written in east coast liberalism, here's your magazine. The editorial staff has never seen a liberal it did not like or a conservative it did not hate. Conversely, all the advertisements smack of money - if you don't have any, don't bother. Not worth the money, even with a discount. And I'm a Texan saying that.

TM *not* the authority on Texas & Texans

Texas Monthly is NOT the authority on things and people Texan. Of course, we understand they consider themselves such, but as the majority of Texans know, TM does not speak for the everyday, hard-working, Texan. Quite the opposite, the people who write for TM speak for the liberals in Austin who consider themselves elite and much more intelligent than the average Texan. These Austin-ites are laughed at by the rest of the state. Texas is a great state, however; in spite of TM, who denigrate Texans who refuse to walk their narrow, liberal-line walk.