Reviews For Taste Of Home Magazine

I get hungry just looking at the cover!!!

I got this magazine about 4 years ago as a trial offer, and I have been a subscriber ever since. I can't cook at all, as my family will attest to, but this magazine has allowed me to make and serve quality meals with minimal trouble.

Sometimes food magazines cater to those who are really talented and who know a portabello mushroom from a standard brown mushroom...which I clearly don't. I just love to eat good food. This magazine differs from others by being "written" by subscribers throughout the US and Canada. There are little bios on each contributing author, along with very easy to follow recipes...most of which have color photos, as well. From a simple meal for one to feeding a picnic of 40, you'll find it in each issue.

My only complaint is that I wish it was a monthly magazine because I really look forward to getting it and reading the issue from cover to cover. Another fun extra is the "Find Ted's Toothpick" contest in each issue, where the editors hide a "toothpick" somewhere in the issue and if you find it you may qualify for cookware or even a maid for a day.

I gave a year's subscription as a gift to my sister, who now is a 3 year subscriber. If you know someone who loves cooking, this would be an excellent gift. Some may think this magazine is home-towney or old fashioned, but after all, it is called "A Taste of Home" and not "Really expensive meals to whip up for the European family." The recipes are simple and usually hearty, and would not be recommended for those on a diet...but if you are looking for that perfect fried chicken and biscuits with gravy recipe, try it out.


You'll LOVE this magazine!

A few years ago, while visiting my out-of-state mother in law, I picked up one of her copies of this magazine and from then on I've been hooked! This is simply the best cooking/recipe magazine I have ever had the pleasure of reading. All of the ingredients are simple and can be found at your neighborhood grocery store...none of those exotic ingredients nobody has ever heard of!

In each issue, there are many, many recipes to choose from, including those for people on restricted diets (low salt, sugar, fat, etc.). In addition, you will get lots of tips on how to jazz up certain favorite dishes and how to make leftovers special. These recipes are submitted by real life home cooks from all over the country, so there is always a nice variety to choose from. And the best part of all is that this magazine does NOT accept advertising. From cover to cover, it is ALL recipes, cooking tips, and GOOD FOOD!

If you try this magazine and like it, you should also try their sister publication, Quick Cooking. Same concept, but the recipes are specially geared towards busy cooks with limited time in the kitchen, and again, NO ads!


I highly recommend this magazine!

If you like to cook, this is a great magazine. I have had a subscription to the Taste of Home for 6 years. I have have been very happy with all of the recipes that I have tried from this magazine. It is like getting a recipe from a friend, you know it will work. The recipes are simple and usually use ingredients that you already have in the house.

Taste of Home has recipes and helpful tips with very little advertisements. Other magazines seem to have so many advertisements that it is hard to even find the recipes. I also feel that the quality of recipes from other magazines is not as consistent as the Taste of Home recipes.

Taste of Home has recipes for whole meals as well as single dishes and a section of recipe cards for seasonal dishes too. I like the section in the magazine were subscribers send in the recipes for their Mom's best meal. They include a story about their mother and why the meal was their favorite. There are also recipes for potluck dinners, money saving tips,how to get kids to cook and so much more.

I highly recommend this magazine if you like to cook and if you know someone who enjoys cooking, it makes a great gift.


Thought You Couldnt Cook Like Your Mom?

I subscribed to Taste of Home magazine after reading it at my mother-in-laws home. She is the best cook I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. While reading that copy of Taste of Home magazine I recognized the meal she had made for dinner the night before.

My first issue of this magazine had me off to the grocery store. It had so many great recipes that I cooked every night for a month (which is really rare for me.) On top of that, the food came out tasting wonderful thanks to the clear instructions included with each article. Each issue if FULL of wonderful, easy to understand recipes from appetizers to a full page of dessert recipes. The best part is that there are no advertisements. In other cooking magazines I have read you have to skip around the advertisements to get to the ingredient lists or cooking instructions, which drives me crazy.

A feature of each issue is a page outlining uses for different seasonings. I have really enjoyed cooking with spices that have been sitting in my cupboard unused. Another feature that I like is the search for the toothpick hidden in every issue. My husband always grabs the magazine to search for it, but I always find it first.

If you enjoy this magazine, but don't have a lot of time to cook, the sister publication Quick Cooking would be great for you. It is in the same format as Taste of Home. I love the section for bread machine baking.

I would not hesitate recommending this magazine to my friends and family. In fact I send a gift subscription to my Grandmother for Christmas after she kept asking me where I was getting all of my great recipes from.


The BEST Cooking magazine so far...

This is my number one favorite cooking magazine. It really brought out the cook in me! It has beautiful pages of recipes. It also has 16 cut out recipes to cut out and add to your collection of recipes. It has a variety of recipes, from dinners to desserts. I love the recipes in this magazine. They are the best recipes I've ever tasted. Each recipe has a summary of it from the cook that made it. This magazine also has some cooking experiences in it and contests and words from other cooks. It also has a index in the end with all the recipe names and categories. And all the recipes in this magazine are tested by the company to guarantee that you'll love it!


Taste of Home Magazine is "Hot Stuff"

Taste of Home Magazine...what a find!
With a quick flip of this magazine I knew something about it was different... holy cow, No Advertisements!!! You read it correctly, no ads. Finally, a magazine publisher that gets it. (A Reader's Digest Co., I think). Have I mentioned this magazine does not have any advertisements?! Hee-Hee!!

The recipes are simply delicious and many would work well for entertaining! My favorite part of the magazine is "My Secret Ingredient". Readers reveal the special touches they add to everyday favorites. Taste of Home is the perfect subscription for any age group. This is already a favorite magazine among my mom and grandma's generations, I feel as though younger families would enjoy it just as much. Taste of Home is for people who love practical cooking.
My favorite issue has been June/July 2006 "The Perfect Picnic! Family classics for the patio or park." Just looking at the cover made my mouth water. Southwestern rice salad, fried chicken, and pie...Oh My!
This is one "Tasty Dish" I'm glad I tried!

The quality of pictures and high glossy pages makes Taste of Home Magazine one you'll look through again and again!

*And here's a little bit of trivia for you, it's printed in the U.S.A. Woo Hoo!!!


Down-Home Cooking at it's BEST!

Ever wonder what happened to all those recipes that Grandma used to
have? Wish you could find a certain recipe to a dish that you haven't
eaten in years, but would like to know how to make yourself? Well more
than likely you can find it here, in "Taste of Home" magazine. I had
always wondered how to make a fresh German Chocolate cake like my Grand-
mother used to make, that was so lite and moist, and had me looking for-
ward to holidays just so I could get some. I found the recipe in this
magazine along with a lot of others that I enjoyed but wasn't sure how
to prepare. These recipes are easy to follow, and most of them only re-
quire ingredients that could be found in a stocked kitchen. This magazine
also has contests to enter in each issue with new products for the kitchen
as prizes. The whole family likes to get involved in the "Find the toothpick" contest, and the coupons included is an extra bonus. The only bad thing is that it only comes every other month, but for the price per
year, around 12.98, I thinks it's a good value. They can also brag of
a swap shop: a page for you to ask others for a certain recipe that you
may be looking for. So if you like down-home cooking at it's best, then
this is the magazine for you!


Practical REAL recipes!

Taste of Home magazine is well worth the money spent on subscribing in my opinion. I have been a subscriber for over 4 years now.
I have ventured into other cooking magazines but most are not at all practical for a large family like mine.
Each issue features recipes submitted by other subscribers. Most of the ingredients in the recipes are easy to find and affordable. And, there is something for anyone.
A fun feature my family enjoys is searching for the toothpick. What this is is a picture of a toothpick. It is hidden in a different place each issue. If you find it, you can submit a postcard and win terrific prizes.
For those who enjoy cooking fame, one can submit a favorite recipe for a particular area. Some issues have contests featuring brownie recipes for instance.
This magazine is a tantalizing, fun read through and through!


More Than A Food Magazine

Who ever thought that thousands of people would be interested in what middle America brings to a successful pot-luck? The people at Reiman Publishing obviously did with their entry into the food-mag business, A Taste of Home. A bi-monthly publication, completely ad-free, a Taste of Home uses recipes submitted by "field editors" from around the country. Forget hype, forget glitz, forget trendiness--the recipes these folks send in truly reflect what Americans are eating. This is comfort food at its finest.
Every recipe I have tried from this magazine has been successful. Its the kind of food that gets you recipe requests. All recipes are easy to follow and use ingredients that are readily available anywhere in the country. Unlike Gourmet and Bon Apetit magazines, which I also subscribe to, you'll never have to search for an obscure ingredient available only in a specialty food store or use a technique known only to a handful of professionals. When you make a recipe from a Taste of Home, your results look like the picture.
But the real reason I like this magazine is subliminal. The field editors are people I can relate to. They write about long-term marriages and grandchildren. These are attractive people who are undeterred by gray hair and a few wrinkles. I doubt if many are concerned that they do not wear a size six or drive the latest SUV. When they write about food, it is in relation to feeding people they love. The women (and men) know that the way to a person's heart may indeed be through his/her stomach, and they reinforce this belief on a daily basis. True romance has to do with long-term nurturing and compassion. These writers have realized this. If you consider yourself more "down home" than "up town" this magazine is for you.


Excellent Resource for Home-Style Cooking

"Taste of Home" is an excellent magazine for recipes and tips for "real cooks." I have subscribed to magazines (such as "Southern Living" or "Martha Stewart Living") which include recipes that are so "out there," the average homemaker (or busy working mom) couldn't use them for lack of ingredients, time or creative genius.

Recipes in "Taste of Home" run the gamut from appetizers and drinks to main dishes, side dishes, cooking with herbs to desserts. You'll find recipes from popular restaurants, family favorites that you may not have made because you didn't have a recipe for and lots of recipes you've never seen before, but would like to try.

"Taste of Home" is published every other month (it's sister magazine "Quick Cooking" is published every other alternating month), which will give one lots of time to look each issue over, choose those recipes you'd like to try, shop for the ingredients and try them out before you get another issue!

There is no advertising within the issues and that is another plus in my book.