Reviews For Spin Magazine

Completely worthless

If you are completely unable to develop and form opinions on your own, sign up. Spin will do it for you. This is horrible, god-awful tripe. Only the lowest forms of life on earth read this. Those who attach themselves to whatever the trend of the day is, or those who believe that their musical taste is inherently superior to everyone else's.

Is it better than Rolling Stone? Yes. Could there be a more back handed compliment? No, I don't think so.

The magazine is the typical major media garbage. They want to pretend that they are counter-culture, but the truth is that this magazine does nothing but skim the surface of everything that is mainstream pop culture. There is so much non-music related filler it's insane.

The reviews provided by Spin are just what you would typically expect from brain dead critics. Aloof, condescending non-sense, and a whole lot of butt kissing.

You won't hear about any bands from Spin magazine that you didn't hear about on MTV News first. It's just pathetic.

This magazine has absolutely no redeeming qualities. It tries so hard to be whatever is cool and hip, and it fails miserably. At best, it's a print version of MTV, and who needs that? If you want something that skims the surface of flavor-of-the-day pop culture, this is for you.

Ballad of a middle-aged hipster

Still clinging desperately to outmoded ideals of hipster credibility. I'm not inviting him to my parties anymore.

Spin used to have a column written entirely in rap slang. I thought it was pretty stupid back then. Now I realize that was the most cutting edge the magazine ever got.


I was very disappointed as a subscriber to this magazine. It is poorly written and is filled with articles that have little or no value. If you are interested in trivial details concerning Kurt Cobain or other marginal figures who have limited skills at best, it may be the magazine for you. But if you want information about innovative developments or noteworthy achievements in recorded music, you will rarely find it in the pages of SPIN. A quick look at any of their record reviews will confirm this. They aren't written in English or any other intelligible language. Hint to the editors-if no one is hip enoungh to understand the jargon-landen text of your publication--you aren't communicating.

Pretentious ...

This is a magazine with so much potential, it doesn't know what to do with itself. It's music reviews and focuses are so narrow and fleeting that it's hard to keep track of what they think is "cool" this week. Also, it has bashed many of the groups that I like (Puddle of Mudd, Staind, etc.) because they are not flavors of the month. Overall, a waste of 10 bucks.

1 star, minus 1 star...

This magazine sucks. My first clue was the stupid statement on the front of this edition, which pairs "The Strokes" with the statement "...coolest band on earth".

That is absolutely ridiculous. Go listen to some Ween, or any of the numerous Mike Patton projects... that's some good music.