Reviews For Spin Magazine

The way records were meant to be heard.

Spin magazine has become a front runner of insightful, entertaining and informative music and entertainment magazines. It has become tight and valid competition with Rolling Stone the original music mag. I always enjoy their reviews, articles, fantastic pictures, interviews and movie news (although I wish it was a bit more thorough).
They have always given strong support to indie bands and one of my favorites Radiohead. Their Best of issues are always the best and their illustrations and cover art are second to none.
I have loved their 40 best albums, 40 best bands, 40 most influential bands issues as well as an article on Saddle Creek records and a Radiohead interview this year.
Spin will continue to be the front running music magazine for years to come I'm sure. And continue to be my personal favorite.

Much easier to digest than an issue of rolling stone.

And for my money a better deal, better magazine, better writing, beter everything.

This or alternative press are the best AND most affordable music magazines that there are out there. (the only music magazine I'm a bigger fan of is cmj new music monthly which comes with a cd of new music every month..sadly it's not sold in stores anywhere anymore but i regress)

Really there's not a whole lot else to say if you've never read this magazine you should probably check an issue out before subscribing but I don't see how anyone could hate it.

If you are in love with rolling stone magazine than spin isn't for you because it's aimed at the common man, where as rs seems to be aimed at people who like over indulgent articles that ultimately don't entertain or enlighten people to anything new. If you like something that is good for a quick read here or there and to be on par with what is hot today spin will give you that and so much more.x

What can I say?

What can I say? I bought this as a gift for my 16 year old son, he loves it....and so does my 21 year old daughter. I've even found an article or two that I've enjoyed as well :)

You Spin Me 'Round

This magazine rocks.

Not only does it give struggling, unheard of artists a genuine boost, it promotes honest and unflinching accounts of the lifestyle behind most of today's musicians (as well as yesterday's, now that I reflect). Beside accomplishing that, there is not "definition" to the type of music chosen. It isn't an alternative magazine. It's a MUSIC magazine. And that it has accomplished very well.

By encompassing all genres (excepting country, I must admit) Spin has become one of the better music mags to have graced my mailbox. Spin is forward thinking, well-written, aesthetically pleasing and a gem of a monthly publication. There aren't stereotypes, typical photo shoots, boring stories or gimmicks. It is straightforward and real, and I am glad each month when my Spin arrives.

Doesn't Deserve the Bashing It's Received

Spin is a great magazine. It focuses on music most other magazines don't. After reading it you feel knowledgeable in all genres of music. The articles are a joy to read and make me laugh out loud. Spin also offers other fabulous features and great reviews that are straight forward and succinct. An overall fun magazine that I look forward to receiving every month. Last month my issue got torn, tattered, and water-stained from me carrying it around with me everywhere I went. I take it everywhere in case I catch a few free minutes to read on about Steve-O from Jackass or the White Stripes, or Red Hot Chili Pepper's struggle to stay in the industry for the love of the music. Spin has really covered all the bases and never left me disappointed. A great magazine, well-worth the money.

A pretty solid music magazine.

I'm not afraid to give Spin 5 stars, because it is pretty good. The latest issue has The Vines on the cover, and comes with a free CD containing 1 tracks from their new CD (apparently the first single off it), along with 2 previously unreleased tracks. Winning Days is the title of their new full-length album. Now this werent my first issue of Spin. I started on that, around March of last year, and didnt like it at all. Maybe it was too flashy with that issue, but it seems to have calmed down. I really kick myself now, for not getting the Best of 2003 issue, and the one with Dave Matthews on the cover and the article inside about Friendster, and I wish to have gotten the issue with The Strokes (the recent one, with 5 different covers, for all 5 band members). Nevertheless, it's still a really substantial music magazine, that is blander than, and of course, more mature than Blender, but that's fine, because I'm glad to 5 stars to each, because their both good in their own right and each bring something great to the table, and I'm glad to have the best of both worlds.

Counteracting All the Haters

What I don't understand is why all you supposed music fans have nothing better to do than slag the efforts of people who've devoted their professional lives to sifting through the garbage of the music world and highlighting the stuff you need to hear. As the title of one of Spin's columns puts it, Spin is full of the records "You Need to Hear Now." I know of no other music magazine that treats this duty with the seriousness it deserves. During the dark years of "mook rock," Spin was a lonely voice in the wilderness, highlighting such vitally important artists OutKast, Plastikman, and Clinton. Now that real rock is back, Spin is there to tell you the difference between the contenders and the pretenders.

Check it--this is how free-thinking Spin is: They realized that "Red Blood Cells" by the White Stripes is such a killer album, they named it the best release of 2002 even though it dropped in 2001!

And I'm assuming none of y'all caught the article "Don't Rock the Casbah" that appeared shortly after 9/11, about the...attempts by Unkle Sam to blame the attacks on Arab-American rappers.

And please--if not for Spin, would you have known that Brooklyn was ground zero for the new rock revolution? I think not.

Oh yeah, and don't hate on the layout, neither! I know a bunch of cats in the design world, and they all agree that Spin is the bling-blingiest-lookin' magazine on the block. Word!

So in summation, I would like to urge of all you, when it comes to Spin, to stop hatin' the playas _and_ the game.

C.A. out.


...This magazine is SO far ahead of Rolling stone. It is THE BEST MAINSTREAM music publication...

Best damn magazine ever!

SPIN covers pretty much every type of rock music out electronic, altevernative, metal, EVERYTHING. They don't sugarcoat anything, and it's really funny at times. Definetly 5 stars.

A must have for Cobain fans.

This is a very interesting issue of Spin to bring the ten anniversary of Kurt Cobains death. The thing that made this issue interesting was that editor Chuck Kiosterman made a prediction of what if Kurt Cobain didn't die? What if he lived? My question is, "Why didn't they get another person to write this? Chuck's predictions are very stupid. Ok, he has the part of divorcing Courtney Love right, but he said that on April 11 1998 Kurt was spotted holding hands with Courtney, and on November 16, 2003 they re-marry, those are false details that wouldn't happen. He just makes ridiculous predictions I can't write them all. He says that on June 5 2002 Cobain retires from music and becomes a painter. You be the judge there.

Forgetting that page, there is a picture of the shirt Kurt wore on the "Smells like teen spirit" video, they took the picture and Kurt's mom's house. They also put in a very rare picture of Kurt Cobain in the set of Smells like teen spirit with a shirt of Jesus on his head giving the camera the finger. Then there is a passage named "The ghost of Saint Kurt". It is really the story of how Kurt Cobain became Kurt Cobain. It is a very long passage, so if your too lazy to read just look at the pictures.

Then there is a timeline of events that happened in the Nirvana story. It goes from the late 18th century (it really just says how flannel shirts came about so you might want to say 1965) to 2003. It's a pretty cool timeline with no miss prints. There are also quotes from people from bands like Deryck from sum 41 and Donna A from the Donna's, and other people. That's about it, the rest of the stuff in the magazine is udder rubbish. This is a must get magazine, but you probably can't get it now. If you can, do.