Reviews For Spin Magazine

Gutted like a fish.

This magazine hasn't been worth a gob of spit since Bob Guccione Jr. was forced out. Since his departure, the entire look of the magazine has changed. The photography, which used to be fantastic, is now sub-par and lifeless--with a cheap, barely trying aesthetic that seems to be everywhere these days (if you're looking for comparisons, think those Calvin Kline TV commercials from about five years back that got them into so much trouble). As far as the bands they now cover, they seem to be taking their queues from MTV (where you can scarcely find a video anymore). And there is so much filler and non-music related material, you might forget that you're reading a MUSIC magazine. Even the record reviews have changed--SPIN is a LOT more generous with the 8, 9, and 10 ratings than they used to be. The focus of their reviews now seems to be moving product--why I have no idea. Bob Guccione Jr. is sorely missed.

Time to line the bottom of the birdcage

Between the fact that I never get the latest issue of this horrid magazine on time and the lack of decent artists and bands, Spin magazine represents everything wrong in music to me. For a magazine that claims to represent counter culture and the concept of alternative music, they certainly don't represent my musical horizons with the garbage they put on the cover of their magazines (Creed, Limp Bizkit, Matchbox Twenty). If that isn't enough, what the heck is all this... about video games, movies, and fashion layouts? If I wanted to read about those things, I would buy magazines that would be specifically tailored for those subjects. Rolling Stone magazine is far more entertaining than this... that Spins churns out on a monthly basis...

more from the machine

boring. trite.

If you feel that not enough of your life is spent looking at commercials, SPIN magazine is for you. The reporting is wonderful, if you've never experienced music outside of MTV. Don't waste your time, the brain damage you'll have from reading a year's subscription of SPIN you can achieve quicker and cheaper by drinking a gallon of gasoline.

Redundant and predictable

Once upon a time, Spin was the hip and insightful alternative to the backward-gazing Rolling Stone. While RS would reminisce about the heddy days of 60s and 70s rock, Spin exposed the exciting and original artists of the 80s and 90s. Today, Spin reads like a stilted and biased advertisement for corporate rock. Nothing is fair and balanced here: If Spin slammed you a decade ago, you'll be slammed with every mention in the future. Conversely, Spin would have you believe that Radiohead and Coldplay were the Second Coming with they way they're exalted with every breath. No pun intended, but Spin plays like a broken record.

When awful bands are reviewed by Bohemian Ingrates.....

oh yeah, I remember a time in music when people used to rush to the cd stores when they heard a song on the radio...the time when Joshua Tree first came out, or when I first heard Stand on BRU, and had to immediately go get the tape from the /spin/ shop in the college town, and yeah when really tiny bands, like Better Than Ezra from N.O., seemed to come out of nowhere, and throw the song, 'good' on the radio, and man music seemed to just drool out of my ears/// I don't know what happened really, maybe I discovered a whole other genre of music, ie. Tiesto, AVB, PVD, Ladytron, Carl Cox, Gabriel and Dresden, or I just dont have anything in common with the sad emo culture who makes bands like dashboard confessional out to be the new Iggy Pop, or on the same token these lemmings who crawl to the corporate swindlers FYE to shell out top sticker cd prices for the new Spears album...

...I remember when I first read Spin, all glossy and shiny cover with a bunch of no named bands, in which I could really try to dig and see who their influences were....I read it for awhile, but then one day, one month if I recall, it had the dudes from the /Strokes/ on the cover, remember, the really close up, tight shots, of the band members looking as if they just rolled out of bed or were going to a methadone clinic, and the same issue has multiple copies with the same content, but different covers with each member of the band, and if I recall, it said the 'Best Band of the Decade?? It had been some time before that, that I had laughed so genuinely hard. I was actually really angry, that anyone, anyone, that appreciates or writes for a music magazine, would ever have the tenacity or testicular fortitude to ever embarass themselves enough to write something like that. I mean here's a group of winey, college yuppies, who think of themselves as hard core, who review music from bands such as the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's? NO NO NO.

Spin is trash, (Fred Durst, on a cover? enough said, phttt) it's writing is sophmoric and save the personal opinion that the bands they review are more or less worthless, I simply cannot see how this magazine is still around after these many years.


Gone are the days .....

Gone are the days when you could expect Spin to serve up really good stories, reviews and photography that you could not find anywhere else. Now it merely goes through the motions and tries to act like it's really cool.

Spin Magazine

Give me a break,people!All Spin Magazine is a cheap rip-off/wanna-be of Alternative Press.I've looked at like maybe ten OR less issues of this waste of printed material in the past as many years.Think I may've saved ONE of those issues.Sometimes,I'll find an issue left by an uninterested patron at the post office that's been left behind.I'll then take it home,then likely toss it out after I've looked through it twice.Avoid at all costs!

Caters to the Lowest Common Denominator

If your idea of a quality musical experience is watching Fred Durst utter nonsensical gibberish on TRL, then SPIN is the magazine for you. SPIN's vein attempts to remain cool and cutting edge have spelled the downfall of this once decent publication. Of course, one could make the valid argument that the constant pursuit of cool over quality has nearly destroyed the entire music industry. Ironically, SPIN's editors fail to realise that poorly written puff pieces promoting Flavor of the Month MTV bands are a million miles short of cutting edge.

Like its equally horrid rival Rolling Stone, SPIN's editorial content pertains less to music and more toward trends and, of course, advertising. The slap-dash layout reads like a glossy MTV video designed specifically for those with faltering attention spans. Fans of rock music deserve so much better than this. Great rock journalism --and great music for that matter-- is a dying breed in the US. If you still care about quality music and informative writng, by all means check out high-grade UK publications MOJO and Q. Those mags are everything that SPIN is not.

Idiotic Waste Of Paper

Once upon a time I, being a metal fan, glanced a 'Spin' and saw that they had a list of the top 30 best and most influential metal albums ever. But to my horror, the list was abound with disgraceful nu-metal schlock and devoid of any true metal spriit at all! He ll, they included albums by KoRn ('Follow the Leader' none the less), Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, and - the greatest sin as far as I am concerned - Linkin Park. Such a disgraceful piece of "metal" literature is littered through out this terrible piece of rubbish! O.K. they have no idea what metal is about, but what about their more mainstream views? After reading the interviews (most quite boring) and reviews (how could you people know so little about music, you're professionals. he ll I know more about rap and indie rock than you id iots), I have come to the conclutsion that this is perhaps the worst non-metal music magazine (because I mean 'Hit Parader' and 'Circus' know less about metal than these clows but have the gall to call themselves "metal") I have ever read. Sloppy music journalism in all of its aspects, I wouldn't even use it as a firestarter or toilet paper for that matter.


Spin will do anything to try and stay hip. I wanted to gag when i saw a picture of blink 182 in their "tribute" to kurt cobain mag. Im a huge nirvana fan and the only good thing about those articles were the pictures. they were poorly written and dull. they didnt even scrape the surface of kurt's music, and his impact on an entire generation. i suggest maybe guitar world or anything other then spin...