Reviews For Smartmoney Magazine

Great Mag. for financially concerned.

Smart money is great for anyone interested in their current or future finances. No matter your income, you will most definitely find some interesting facts and tips that just might help you out.

Just received first issue...

So far so good. It has some very interesting articles and some tips that I will definitely use.
Im pleased that I ordered it.

Smart Money indeed

This really is a smart use for your money - great financial advice at a budget price!

Smart Money

Not a bad magazine. I haven't really had the chance to explore all of the articles yet.

quick and Easy

I like this magazine because it has a lot of short, concise and easy to read articles. I am no financial genius but I do like to read about what is going on. I also like any and all pointers/education I can get my hands on. The biggest downside to Smartmoney is that it's full of advertisements. But for the subscription price, I can easily accept them all.

Finding the good stuff

My personal view is that SMART MONEY is largely cluttered with a lot of nonsensical stories which are of little or no interest to me personally. I do enjoy James Stewart's column and other writers from time to time although I've found it difficult get a fix on overall economic conditions from the magazine. Frankly I prefer KIPLINGER'S as a more useful magazine.

For the Successful MAN?

I was going to subscribe to this magazine until I saw this in the product description: "SmartMoney is a magazine that resonates with the professional man. It is a magazine that speaks to the multi-faceted, successful man, who is seeking answers to tough financial questions."

Are you kidding me with this? Since I'm not a man and can't be trusted to manage my own finances, I'll stick with Kiplinger's.

insightful but limited

not as broad or specefic in analysis. uses commentary and editorial type format for a large portion.

Smart Money reveiw

One issue is all I have to work with! The magazine is just ok, I would have prefered to have MONEY magazine but it was not offered. Perhaps further issues will impress me?

Fad-following, lacks depth

I've had this subscription for a year now and will not be renewing it. After month 3 I had stopped rushing to the mailbox to get it. After month 6 I had stopped reading it altogether. The stories lack depth and context.

I've switched from taking SmartMoney to The Economist and I am much happier.