Reviews For Smartmoney Magazine

Must Already Have Money for Smart Money

Overall this is a very average financial magazine. I rated it with a two star mainly because many of the articles just did not provide any value to me. That is not to say that others will not find valueable articles. The magazine seems to cater more towards the reader that already has a large sum of money. Unfortunenately, I just do not need articles on why I should chose the BMW6 over the Mercedes S-Class and the Audi A5.

Not A fan

I am a longtime investor who hasn't always done so well with the picks in Smart Money. I do enjoy the graphics, the page layout and the colorful covers, however.

But if you're looking for strongf advice, you may do better elsewhere.

Underwhelming Magazine

I read all the reviews and figured it must be worth getting, and it will only cost 600 miles via my Magazines for Miles program. After having read cover to cover 4 issues in hopes of finding a nugget of wisdom, I have given up and now just toss it in the trash--it's not even worth my time.

In terms of timely advice, it seems to be well behind the eight ball. In terms of useful money management advice, I can't find anything. All it seems to do is trumpet obscure, high cost funds, stocks and the one that put me over, advice on buying into Detroit real estate sight unseen. I think of it like Barrons, except being 4-6 weeks out of date instead of 1-2 weeks. There are plenty of better ways to get the information SmartMoney purports to offer (MarketPlace and MarketPlace Money podcasts are awesome for personal finance; Inc, Fast Company and Wired for understanding business), look for them instead & save your money.

Haven't really read it much

Got a great price for the subscription,but not sure a monthly magazine can keep up with this up and down market.

More Ads than useful content

Nice cover pictures and headlines, but way too many ads. There's a reason its only twelve bucks, this is an ad-sponsored mag.

Too rudminetary, only for the novice, nothing for the advanced investor

This magazine is geared only to the most rudimentary of inverstors. It is filled with articles with advice such as the need to pay down credit card debt before any other (due to its relative high interest rate) and other similar advice. This is all fine and dandy for someone at the high school level but any investor over and above this would be insulted by the intelligence of the advice provided. Plus it wastes time on product reviews of such items such as automobiles, snow blowers, etc. (i.e., another waste of investors time).

When will it come

I have the other magazine I order at the same time and in fact I have had quite a few issues already. It is very odd to be asked to write a review for a magazine that has not come yet.


Personal preference, I was looking for more on credit cards, ways to save and handling debt. I'm not really into investing. This is a great magazine for those who are though.

Bias Articles

I was very excited to get my subscription to SmartMoney last year. I was very disappointed to see an article very bias against real estate agents. I wrote to the author of the article as well as to the response. I guess they did not care. Their extreme bias on this issue made me question their point of views on other issues.

smart money magazine subscription

ordered on 11/24/07 and have not gotten any issues as of yet. Seems rather long to wait for the 2-year subscription to begin.