Reviews For Smartmoney Magazine

Smart Money can be helpful to any investor

Young or old, no longer how long you have been in the market this magazine can be helpful to you investing potential. Smart Money is very trustworthy, and is put out by The Wall St. Journal, so you know it's a name you can trust.

The magazine dosen't tell you what to buy, it just tells you tons on information on the stock that you feel is right for you. Each month it profiles many different stocks, and every month you will find a stock that fits you perfect. It gives you information such as: P/E, history, revenue, sales, growth potential, and many other nessasary things you need to know before making an investment into the wild and wacky world of Wall Street.

This magazine is very valuable and if you are an investor you sould consider this magazine. I myself subscribe and have been very pleased with the information that it has provided me.


Trusts for Investment Advice: Yes

Solid long-term financial and investing advice

I'm a long-term subscriber. SMART MONEY offers solid, useful long-term financial and investing advice each month from the resources of the Wall St. Journal without the fluff in some other financial magazines.

SmartMoney is a smart buy

Quality magazine for people interested in saving and investing. This magazine doesn't get too complicated so it is good for novices. The topics are timely and well written.

Wanted something a little more technical

I felt that smart money was a little too dumbed down. I was looking for a personal finance magazine that strongly backed their suggestions with well thought out, detailed, explanations.

I choose Kiplinger's over SmartMoney after reading both for a year.

Decent Magazine

Good Magazine
Alot of stuff the articles (mainly personal saving and investing tips)mentioned is common sense and there is similar things you can find on the internet for free. But overall a helpfully magazine.

Good, timely stories. Interesting tips.

I think my subscription has paid for itself from a few of the tips I got from reading Smart Money. Not only are there good tips on interesting stocks that I hadn't heard of before, but the cover story and others are usually pretty interesting as well. Good read for those who aren't super technical with finance, but interested in learning more.

Best finance magazine for the layman!

I have been a subscriber for quite a few years. Together with Kiplingers it gives the best advice and updates on useful topics for the typical investor who would rather be in complete control than hand over assets to a money manager. Much better than Money magazine!

even in today's times

I enjoy the articles of other investors. I don't always agree, however it provides a insight as to how they perceive the future investment economy. And I always have the final say in my investment procedures. plus it seems to be on topic, not 2 or 3 months behind.

good one...

These articles are very valuable. you might think the information on the magazine is same as that is on the website.. but NO.. not all the articles are published on the website. Ones that are published are published much much later than after publishing in the magazine.
I love the magazine. as in any other mag, there are lot of ads. but what can u do??

Best of the Bunch for my purposes

Smart Money is my choice after years of reading it, Money, Forbes, Fortune and more. It's a good compendium of timely information for my needs as a personal Investor, and with the right amount of detail for my interests -- which have become much more focussed on Mutual Funds in recent years.

I compared the content of Money with that in Smart Money for a period of about a year, and decided Smart Money was by far the best for me. Part of the being "smart" is being aware of what is going on in the investment World, and Smart Money gives me what I need without having to make a career out of reading it. And, the price is right.