Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

Can you say FAKE? (Nah...)

I made the worse mistake of my life...... I suscribed to Seventeen. In hopes that maybe I could connect with "normal" teens. But I opened my first issue and I was totally disgusted with what I saw. I saw teenagers talking about situations that they where in that only very mature ADULTS should be in. They talk about sex, drugs and drinking. I'm sorry but people that are seventeen should not be in these situations. I also know children that have these magazines. They are 12 and 13. They should not be reading this kind of crap.
Also in these same magazines there are "too" pretty girls that are in outfits that are way too expensive. They are also "all over" good looking guys. This generation that is coming are very impressionable. They are reading these magazines and taking what they see and using that in real life. This is not what this generation should be exposed to.


Mixed Up

I renewed my subscription and it was supposed to pick up after my last renewel expired in Jan 11, but I got another issue of the months magazine. So, obviously, my subscription is another new one and I will be getting two magazines every month and will get short changed on my last few months, I am not happy with this confusing system and don't suggest anyone doing renewels because you miss out on issues!

my opinion

Seventeen (is bad)! I once borowed an issue my friend had and then finaly went out and bought an issue myself. The articles were exactly the same. NOTHING new. This magazine repeats itself over and over and over again. Even when they do put something new in (rarely), it is someting so obvious!
They write about the same lame boy bands and the worst interviews I have ever read! I don't recomend you get it.

Hey, why not just order a free abrocombie catalog!

This magazine really blows. There are virtually zero interesting articles. Want stars? If you dont like who is on the cover you are out of luck, because there is nothing else. Want boys? None. But its a teen magazine. hmmm... I usually just like looking at these magazine for light, fun reading...but there is really nothing. But hey! If you want perfect skin, turn to page five where there is an ad for loreal. wow thanks. a catalog of ugly clothes and one article about jessica simpson, which they even manage to make boring. and *gasp* see the NEWEST fall fashion! Oh my gosh! boha girl is in! and then 50 pages of ads. Please, seventeen is the most hyped up and worst magazine i have ever subscribed to. it is not 'mature'and i really dont get why ANYONE likes it. just save yourself money and order a free abrocrobie catalog or something.

Vapid and Shallow

This magazine is for the stereotypical teenage girl whose only concerns are makeup, boys, and (of course!) celebrities. The Lizzie Mcguire girl whose mind has never considered any ideas more significant than this season's newest shade of lip gloss or the cutest guy in math class. This is the written equivelant of cotton candy: fluffy, weightless, and cavity-provoking. Only with Seventeen, the cavity is in your brain, not your teeth.

A waste of time

This is one of those magazines for teenyboppers obsessed with make-ups (aka "beauty"), clothes, and celebrities. It is full of ads, models, and useless quizzes. Only few, few, few articles are worth reading. I encourage you to steer away from this horrible mainstream magazine. A precaution for parents: This magazine is FOR teenage girls having sex.

Girls who start reading this from the age of, say, 12, are guaranteed to be: a)shallow, b)ignorant, c)obsessed with things that only matter in their own little world, d)oblivious to real problems in the real world, e)wearing low-cut jeans showing their thongs and tattoos right above their butt, and f)saying oh my god and like, like, a lot.

Mag that encourages promiscuity among teens

I used to read seventeen as a teen and looking back on it and flipping through a recent issue, I realized that this magazine is crude and talks to teens about sex as if it it was Cosmo or Marie Claire.

This is not to be used as a moral compass and I don't think it has anything worthwhile reading. you would have read the magazine and taken nothing positive away from it.

It's horrible.

dont get me started.....

I really dont like this magazine but im 15 and absoloutly hate it. ok there is a few good parts about it......

*it tells you wat look is in and wats not.
*the beauty section is pretty good
*tramarama is OK

and its got bad parts......

*the health is not ok
*the celeb section is not really good
*too many ads
*the horscopes are awful

soo i really dont care if you subscribe to it but its ok for ages 14-19.but if you want to obsess over you looks buy it.

Immoral Trash.

I used to read seventeen, but after growing in my Christian faith: I can't stand it.
They tell girls to have sex when they're "ready", rather then once they're married off.
Seventeen's also very "Here's what's wrong with you, here's how we can make you better."
It'd like the people who write seventeen don't want young women to care about anything other than clothes, cute boys, being pretty, and looking "hot" (aka immodest.)
Seventeen will fill you/ your daughters head with trash, and won't help her focus on the things that ARE important, like her faith and relationship with God.

If you want you want a quality teen magazine, try Susie Magazine.

pure garbage

I have two teenage girls in my house and I was so shocked by the
content that I forbade it. we are religious people and we don't
live total immoral lives like the girls who read this.
don't let your kids look at it.