Reviews For Seventeen Magazine

Help you kids hate themselves and buy this magazine for them

Why is it that everyone on the cover of Seventeen magazine looks like they were adicted to crack by the age of 14 and have spend the last 10 years fighting the habit? These "kids" can't possibly be anywhere near the age of seventeen. What are we telling our children? If you are seventeen, you should look at 32? Nice message.

The magazine is filled with potentially hazardous image problems. The magazine makes its look like ever teen girl should have the perfect hair, buy the perfect makeup, and be a size 4 to be cool and fit in.

The magazine is filled with the cool kids information. How to buy the perfect prom dress, how to date the captain of the football team, what's cool and in and really, really, super dooper. I hated magazine when I was younger. I was poor. I was dirt poor. This magazine made me feel like a big piece of trash. I had to wear my Mom's prom dress to my own prom and I felt like and idiot. Not because everyone else made fun of it, but because I caompared myself to the Britney Spears like models in the the magazine.

I didn't want to date the football captain. I wanted to kick him in the ass. He was a pompous show off. I was more interested in the shop kids. Where's the magazine that tells me how to get Joe fixer upper.

This magazine just perpetuates the crime against chidlren that tells them they all have to be the same. This amgazine doesn't embrace peoples differences, it says you all have to be a prom queen, fit into the latest DKNY outfits, and go down to the malt shop for for a soda. What about celebrating the difference? how about an article on turning Mom's prom dress into something fantastic? For my dress, I simply showed more clevage and made the dress into a mini... I would have liked some help on how to pull it off better.


Seventeen magazine fails to represent teens

As a teenager, I am disturbed by the way that teens are constantly being represented by teen magazines. In my entire life, I have never heard a single person who made a serious comment regarding their "beau" [boyfriend] or who commented about how the "'rents [parents] were flippin' out." The stories (that are clearly fabricated by readers in the first place) that are submitted regarding embarrassing moments, it is quite apparent that the magazine edits the content of each letter, so that the statement fits the mold of "cool teen lingo." The language is not the only problem with these magazines, of course.
The issues that are discussed are clearly not representative of the primary concerns of readers. Not every teen girl worries about how to improve her kissing, or her hair, or what to do about her "major crush on her bff [best friend forever]'s bf [boyfriend]. In one issue, I was very disturbed to see a section of the magazine that claimed to hold tips on how to improve one's sex life. It is a given fact that sex by a minor is illegal, and also a fact that the target audience of this magazine is minors.
A magazine that blatantly disregards the clearly stated ideas of teens in favor of a false image that is created to sell magazines is a disturbing reality.



I'me 40 years old and once in awhile at the supermarket check out I pick up Seventeen and glance through it. To me fashion trends are fashion trends across the board. If gold lame is the new fall color, it appears in Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, and Seventeen. Same for makeup and beauty.
The difference in Seventeen and other fashion magazines are some articles and ads which are marketed towards the teens. Basically ads are for Revlon, jeans, sandals, sun glasses, perfume, shoes, etc.
Articles include (March 2001): good hair day, Kate Hudson, pretty in punk, prom queens, makeup call, knockout updos, grab 'em bags, my guy doesn't trust me, shoe ins, what Mila wants, etc. The topics are rather light and lacking in substance.
Fashion pages are towards the back of the magazine.The March 2001 issue features models in prom dresses. Designers include: Betsey Johnson, Givency, Donna Karan, Armani, Nicole Miller, etc. The dresses were not very revealing nor very spectacular. If anything they serve as a reminder for teens to start preparing for the big night out. It's only two months away.
I started reading Seventeen magazine when I was about fifteen. I thought I was too young for it. Now I am over forty. I flip through it once in a while. It is not very exciting to read or look at. I don't think the format or style have changed much in so many years, which means some people must be buying it.

by Artiste


seventeen more for 13's

I first started buying this magazine when I was about thirteen or so. I have just recently stopped becuase I think that the articles are more appealing to younger kids rather than older teenagers.
There is a health and beauty section, sex and body, ask a guy, horrifying stories, and much more. When I was younger this magazine really appealed to me becuase it didn't have anyhting to do with teen celebrities or anything like that. Now all of the magazines are becoming the same and they all have to do with some new singer or some thing. They either interview her/him or they have some kind of contest to win a date with that person. I do not think that the magazine is even worth buying anymore. I would much rather spend it on say Cosmo or something that appeals to the older group of teenagers.


I HOPE they're 17 before they read this

I admit it, unfortunately, I used to subscribe to Seventeen Magazine as a teen, but stopped a WHILE back because it was too much. For some one to think that this magazine is appropriate for young girls is ridiculous.

Let me start by saying that the styles in this magazine are hideous. Sure, they might be fine for someone stuck in the sixties, but let's get with it! Another style comment is the amount of skin being shown. I don't have any children myself, but if I had a teenage girl she would not be caught dead in any of those outfits.

It's pretty much a parents nightmare. This magazine feeds girls the idea that it OK to be self-absorbed and boy crazy. What girls need is a magazine that helps them deal with more than boys, makeup, and clothing.

It strikes me as odd that I haven't found a teen magazine yet that puts morals in a girls head instead of nonsense. What about something that gives them self-esteem by loving themselves instead of self-esteem because they have a trendy outfit. Call me crazy, but as a former reader of Seventeen I can tell you first hand that it's not a worth while piece of reading material.


Seventeen is confusing.

Thank goodness the battles of my teen years are over and college days are in the past. This year, in May, I graduated from college, and decided to read the teen magazines to see what I used to enjoy so much.

In Seventeen, I found unrealistic expectations, stereotypical portrayals of both young women and men, and horrible advice. Unrealistic expectations of women are portrayed in the models that are gracing the advertisement pages of Seventeen. How are young women supposed to feel good about themselves when all they see in magazines are very thin models? What about running ads for Calvin Klein cologne featuring an accomplished female soccer player or an accomplished violinist (or something along that nature)? Young women should also realize that every model's face and body has been airbrushed.

Stereotypical portrayals of both young men and women are presented in Seventeen. Women are pictured as having to rely on good fashion sense and outside beauty to succeed in this world? How come they do more articles on what to wear to the Senior High School prom than on Tips to Succeed in College?

The advice, in Seventeen, is terrible. What happens when the advice which is dispensed does not work? Sometimes Seventeen suggests some pretty radical decisions. The girl may not be ready to handle the possible negative consequences of her actions.

It's not worth the price of this magazine. Just buy your teenager "Newsweek" or "Time". She/He will develop insight into world events with those magazines.



This magazine is definitely not that good. It gives a false look at life. It is not a very mature magazine, it's more for 12 year olds than 17 year olds, except for the grownup content about sex. It shows a lot of pictures in it and it's not a great magazine. It is focused basically on dating and looks. Even though a lot of the teenagers today focus on that, it's not what life is about. This magazine is not at all a good magazine and they need to put some content in it that effects teens, not crappy stuff that no one cares about. Although teens do like it, these magazines are the reasons for materialistic views of teenagers, they believe looks are everything. It wasn't really that bad before they started reading these. This magazine is sometimes good, but basically is just as i said: looks and guys. It is only made for teenage girls, and it doesn't appeal to both sexes as Teen People does. I don't recommend this magazine.


Virtually worthless

When I was 12 or 13 I subscribed to this magazine, now I can't imagine being caught dead with it. It's the most shallow and hypocritical magazine ever published, that I'm aware of. On one side, they claim to talk about "serious" topics such as STD's, relationships, and teen pregnancy and then they go and give the most unoriginal advice to all who write in and even their so-called "experts" use the same "lingo" as the writers. I just hope that they actually help people by what they write, rather than hurt them.
The only useful thing I've ever found in that magazine are lists of summer opportunities such as jobs or internships or volunteer opportunities.
I don't recommend reading any magazines from that genre, read books instead.


the preserver of teenage angst

I am a subscriber to the teen magazine that we know as Seventeen. I subscribe to it for the sole reason that it is entertaining. Don't get me wrong, some of the articles are very uplifting, and every once in a while I might learn a thing or two about fashion from it, but that is rare. The thought that most of the writers of the magazine are in their 20s or 30s, and yet they think like immature adolescents absolutely blows my mind. Not only is the magazine pretentious and biased, but it is my opinion that it also immoral and it desensitizes teens to sex. The idea of having a magazine for teenage girls is a good one, however, it should be less like a younger version of Cosmopolitan, and more like a support system for the different problems facing girls in todays society.


Should be 17 to read seventeen

Many teens buy this mag hoping to find better and instant ways to become a part of the crowd. This magazine glorifies sex, make up and the appearance of teen girls all over. The world can thank magazines like this for our adolescent problems such as belima, and anorexia. Women need to realize that they are beautiful the way they are. There are very few mags that support girls staying virgins until marriage. Girls become infected with disease and other consequences such as pregnancies because they are told that sex is everything. Girls and teens all over need to be reading magazines that tell them that they are beautiful the way they are.Please carefully consider before purchasing this magazine. thank you.