Reviews For Reptiles Magazine

Great info

Magazine has lots of good information. Lots of good advertisements, I often do my shopping from the magazine based on it's ads and recommendations.

Reptile Magazine

I ordered this magazine after purchasing my baby ball python. There is a lot of good information for people who have reptiles as pets. Unforturneatly it is not specific to anyone reptile. This magazine trys to cover a broad range of reptiles. So if you are looking to find constant info on just your style of reptile then a book or the internet is best for you. However, this magazine is loaded with adds on cool new products and also lists breeders of many different reptiles. My favorite happens to be that this magazine is chucked full of Reptile Convention listings. So if you want to be kept up to date on new species of many different reptiles or just brush up on an old but goody, then this is a good magazine to get. You may even find a new friend that will keep you interested.

Great magazine

I love this magazine. My only complaint is that I wish each issue were longer. I get to the end of the magazine and I just want more.

The only game in town--and not a bad job

Reptiles strives to achieve a balance between articles for children and beginners, articles for herpetologists and field photographers, and advanced keepers. Occasionally, it manages this. The truth is that Reptiles and The Vivarium magazines should never have been merged--Reptiles should have remained an invaluable resource for beginners to the hobby, with The Vivarium focusing on in-depth articles for advanced hobbyists.

But, they WERE merged.

There ARE no other paper reptile magazines in the US any longer. This is it. If you own reptiles and amphibians, get this magazine--it's a good way to read up on species you may not have researched before, to see what new products are coming onto the market, to track shows, and to generally be entertained by lots of pretty pictures. You can't beat the price for all of that--you'd have to buy a LOT of books to get all of that information and content.

It doesn't do the best job it could do, but it does do a fairly good job, which makes it worth subscribing to--even if you're an advanced keeper. There's no other source of herp-oriented bathroom reading material. :D

Reptiles at your doorstep!

This is the way to have Reptiles enter your house, through the mailbox! It is the ultimate guide for the reptile lover.

If looking through pages in a magazine of slimy creatures with their eyes looking at you sounds like something you would enjoy, this is the magazine to get. It is the next best thing to visiting the Reptile House at the Los Angeles Zoo.

For an owner of any of these amphibians this seems like the magazine to keep on hand for what to feed them, where to buy their meals, where to house them and trade tips and pictures as well.

My son was excited when I handed him the first issue and likes to check back when he is watching Wild Discovery, Animal Planet or National Geographic Explorer. He likes to compare the pictures that are in Reptiles with the one on television.

While reading through the issues you can find a breeders show or reptile show in just about every State. The section Bits and Pieces has a photo quiz with the answer to the previous month's quiz. Herpetological queries takes questions from readers. In the Herp Marketplace there are funny cartoons with alligators and frogs. The Herp Marketplace contains over six pages of books and reader exchanges, food and supplies, veterinarians and videos to name a few.

My son enjoys this magazine - I purchased the subscription for him.

"EMI" Reptiles Magazine

I like this magazine but..
It does not have alot of information.I would like to add that this magazine does not just cater to younger people.I am 13 and i do not like it when people say" it has stupid little puzzles you know stuff that only kids would enjoy".I am sure that most kids that get this magazine are smarter than that anyway (but i do not like the puzzles either)including me,Future Zoologist.

It's hard to review a magazine, but...

On the whole, Reptiles magazine is *not* really worth it for more advanced herpers. There's a preponderance of articles that relate primarily to care of animals; this is not bad, but myself, I prefer to read about an animals natural ecology and habitat (and microhabitat) and behaviours, and figure out the care from that information; it works just as well if not better, and allows one to actually learn about animals rather than following cookie cutter information.

Furthermore, there is a focus on easier species. This isn't really a bad thing per se; I'm happy that the novice keeper is bombarded with info on easier species, maybe it'll help keep them from getting in over thier heads with harder species. It's just that I don't really want to read another article over caring for Lampropeltis or Elaphe every month.

That said, sometimes Reptiles has a great article; some time ago they did a multiple issue article over african varanids (focusing savs and whitethroats, but dealing with most species) that was really wonderfull. They've done great articles on jumping vipers, and conservation issues. Also, they have some really fairly interesting stories about people's interaction with herps. It's worth picking up maybe every few months, but I don't subscribe.