Reviews For Reptiles Magazine


This magazine is comprehensive on the topic of breeding reptiles and has equally valuable information concerning recent politics(economic and preservation issues), discoveries, veterinary medicine, and surveys. It always has interesting, informative and in depth articles on specific species.
There are different columns answering questions about breeding, reptile health, and miscelaeneous issues which are prove to be very useful. Reptiles also has comprehensive lists of expos and breeders.
I give this magazine my best recomendation, it's worth much more than I'm paying for it, the information within it is that of the best herpetology experts.

perfect resource for all herp experience levels

As a vet I find this a valuable resource to find out information that breeders know from their own experience that the textbooks don't have in them. Let's face it, the people that write the articles are the most knowledgable about that particular species because they own, raise, and breed them so it's best to hear it right from them. There is also good articles about ecology and law that affect herpers everywhere. Everyone might not own a spitting cobra, but it's fun to read about and every month there is also a more common species covered as well as invertebrates. A resource for any herp keeper or any interested in getting some.

Learn More on Reptiles

Bought as a gift for my son who loves this magazine. It helps him with ideas and suggestions for the reptiles he has today.

a must for the individual with an interest in herpetoculure

If you have any interest in herpetoculture this magazine subscription really is a must have. You don't have to own reptiles to own reptiles to appreciate the content in this magazine. Also if you do own reptiles they help you become more involved in the reptile community and help further educate you on your hobby. Plus there is some savings in the magazine for cool reptile gear.

Excellent reptile magazine

I've been reading this magazine since it came out back in 1995 (I believe) and it's still THE best resource for general information on a wide variety of reptiles, especially for those of us interested in keeping them as pets.

Keep up the good work!

Great magazine, for beginners or more advanced herpers

I've been a subscriber for years, first when I was a beginer through when I was breeding and selling at a local show, and now that I am back to just having a few special cold blooded critters around. I like the care information and it has wonderful photographs throughout. The articles are great too for people interested in more exotic species and herps than are available to the casual herper. The advertisements can also be helpful in finding the next breeder you are interested in aquiring animals from or equipment you can't get locally. Great publication!

Great magazine, nice pictures

This is a good magazine if you are curious about reptiles and amphibians. It has lovely pictures, and the contents, although scientifically rigorous, are accessible to any reader. It is a nice leisure reading.

Reptiles Magazine

My son loves this magazine. The publisher did a good job about getting the subscription started and caught up quickly.

Can't get any better than this for accurate reptile information

In my opinion, this is the best publication on the market for current, accurate data regarding reptiles. This magazine not only provides well researched and written articles which are invaluable to the serious reptile collector and hobbyist, but has excellent photography of profiled species, as well. Can't do without this one!

Reptile Mag a must-have for herpers

Very interesting, informative and well produced mag. I read these cover-to-cover and use them for helpful info on the selection of herps as well as a good source for new products. I have made several purchases as a result of the ads from the vendors that support this magazine. Well worth the small investment!