Reviews For Popular Mechanics Magazine

Fun and easy read

I recently purchased a two year subscription on sale. The price was very competative. I saw some other reviews expressing concern that their issue took an extensive amount of time to arrive but mine came right on time for the next issue after the purchase. My boyfriend read through the whole thing in one day and has been doing further technology research on the internet. Made a great and economical gift. Seems good for someone who likes to tinker with mechanics and gadetry.

My boy likes it

I have subscribed the magzine for 5 months for my 12 year old boy. He certainly enjoyed reading them. Sometimes I read them too. Nice!


Very good articles on a wide variety of subjects and new products. My 18 year old son especially enjoys reading about the futuristic items being worked on and written about. I think the articles stimulate his creativity and gives him some new ideas to think about. I also enjoy it because they have some pretty amazing articles about all types of things.

I like it

I always find at least one article that is interesting to me in every issue

Good balance of science and technology

PM really interests me with it's mechanical science perspective. I should have subscribed sooner!

Great Gift

Finding a great gift is a challenge. Having a son that has a passion for technology and how things work made this a great gift. The first issue was immediately read cover-to-cover... that says it all!!

Good Magazine

I do like the articles in this magazine but have to say that there are a lot of advertisements.

Popular Mechanics

This is a great magazine for anyone who is interested in technology and how things work. It also lets you in on the latest high-tech inventions and coming technology. A good, interesting read every month.

Popular Mechanics

Enjoyed by the young men in our school library.

I do take out the sexual explicit ads.

I like popular mechanics

I like the magazine. It is filled with interesting and useful descriptions of current technology.