Reviews For Popular Mechanics Magazine

Interesting articles

The first subscription was shipped on June. Didnt really have much problems with it but reading some of the articles, I didnt find anything that pertained to my interests.
For this months, I found more interesting topics they were talking about regards to our environment and some DIY projects. I wish they emphasized a bit more on that. Overall, it was ok.


Here is the good idea for you. Go to the Popular Mechanics web-site and order directly from them. You will save money and you will get your magazine quickly. ***** UPDATE: 11-21-2009. Well, after 4 months, issue one of my subscription has arrived!!! I have changed this from 1 star to 3 as thru April 2010 everything is on time.

Its ok

I remember when popular Mechanics didn't have so much filler back when I was a kid but i guess things change

Not the magazine it was 20 years ago.

Thin. Changed a lot since I was a kid. Low price but not much substance to the publication anymore. It is still fun to read and has some interesting articles.

Not for this tech/science geek

I've found that I don't spend much time with my subscription. I'm a science/tech geek but the topics that are covered for cover stories just haven't really grabbed me since I got the subscription. If in a desperate situation the read is interesting & informative, but I can't say that it's felt compelling to me.

Just full of ads

I didn't really read it carefully, basically because I couldn't tell which are not ads.

OK but rather thin

Some fun little bit, but mostly rather thin - "old" news, superficial coverage and quite a lot of advertisements

So So, not Great a bit thin

This might be a good magazine to get your Jr. High son or grandson. It has lots of interesting articles. I really enjoyed it as a kid.
It takes a hard slant to the right on ocasion. There are also just a few too many times where what is featured in their tech review articles happen to be featured prominantly in the magazine's ads. Its hard to tell the ads from the articles at times. Its also just not that well written. The articles themselves are a bit thin.
One article a while back mentioned a "bridge of glass" being built in Tacoma. (this was a follow-on to an earlier article on bridge technology and exotic materials) If you go there, its a bridge to a glass museum, but is made of ordinary reinforced concrete. A little editorial fact checking never hurts.

Spanish version in better

The topics of the magazine are great, but it has too much ads, which makes it hard to read. I'd rather the spanish version, it's easier to read. Besides, delivery takes too much.

Could be more practical, Room for improvement

Jay Leno's column is cool but it is in every other issue, not monthly. I agree that PM gives a good overview of tech stuff and its great to have the advice columns for us home and auto owners. I find, though, the mag is too technical at times- it echoes the all too common tendency of many companies to focus on features and not on ease of use or simplicity of the product. Tech for its own sake, in other words. They often write about "fantasy inventions"- things that would not work in the real world, e.g an underwater house- how would you deal w/barnacles? They also make a big deal over "patriotic" events which seem too bureacratic to be in this mag. I don't buy this mag to read about a festival honoring veterans, even though I appreciate vets.