Reviews For Popular Mechanics Magazine

Popular Mechanics: Practical and often Fascinating

Popular Mechanics is a magazine dedicated to mechanics, repair, industry, and technology. This magazine offers timely articles that are often intelligent, thought- provoking, and often fascinating and/or awe- inspiring. They often talk about mechanical achievements, impressive technology, record- setting feats, etc. These articles show what humans are capable of doing and they remain in your memory for some time.

These achievement- type articles are often the best in each issue, however, Popular Mechanics is more than just a magazine about incredible achievements. With Popular Mechanics, you get articles about cars, home improvement, repair, etc., which are more practical than anything. Car enthusiasts often enjoy Popular Mechanics more than anyone, due to the magazine's consistent articles on automobiles and reviews of automobiles. There are, in fact, multiple articles on automobiles and/or automotive technology in each issue and they are often among the lengthiest in the magazine.

Besides cars, Popular Mechanics likes to devote space to the subject of home repair and improvement. These articles are nice because they offer practical advice that can help do- it- yourself readers save a good deal of cash. They are often educational in nature, too. How Your House Works, for example, is a subsection of the Home department and it describes in detail how a certain part of your home functions. It might sound boring at first, but it is often fascinating to learn what goes on behind the walls, under the foundation, inside the appliances, etc. Sometimes, the educational lesson is obvious but other times, the lessons learned are eye- opening and will expose homeowners to things about their home they never knew existed.

Popular Mechanics is, overall, a very nice publication that I will continue to read. I like the articles that emphasize fascinating innovation and achievement best, but I can also agree that the home and automotive articles are very practical and useful. The over- emphasis on automobiles is a small complaint about Popular Mechanics, but the magazine as a whole is very good and very readable.

great read

this magazine is an easy read. the articles r brief and concise. i am always in a rush, and time is an issue. thsi mag lets me just pick it up and read when ever i want.

Just fine

This magazine is just the right complement to the tool box I purchased sometime ago.

Basically Good

I grew weary of Popular Science and their politicizing of what should be pure science. Pop Mechanics is close enough to Pop Sci so I've started reading it instead. Good stuff.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is still trying to please everyone with their content and is doing a good job. I'm glad that I started subscription again.

Easy to read easy to put down

For the most part the articles are just surface level stuff. Even if the article covers a few pages, you can probably figure out most of what your about to read from the title. It's good 2 minute read stuff.

Still a stalwart magazine crammed full of advice!

Although P.M. has sort of become modernized and seems to be dumbed-down somewhat from a decade or more ago, it's still crammed full of great stuff, and I doubt I would be too short-sighted to say men will like it more in GENERAL than the ladies because we're such tinkerers by nature. I haven't missed an issue since about 1985 when I was immersed in my first foray into PM's wondrerful projects!

Very interesting reading for those who like to know how things work

I really enjoyed this magazine, there are some very interesting articles and I found something interesting to read in each issue. If you enjoy seeing how things work or what the latest gizmos are you'll like this magazine.

Great Magazine

I'm about halfway through my first issue and loving it. PM has a very nice mix of futuristic tech and current, more practical tech. I can't wait for the next one.

Whole family Read!!

We love having Popular Mechanics around to keep our young boys interested in reading. Even when the articles are too hard for our youngest reader to read the pictures spark his interest and make for great daddy / son time!! It has interesting articles for everyone.