Reviews For Mother Jones Magazine

Socialism kills

This magazine is billed as "the skeptic's magazine." But all it offers is more big-government solutions. It should be "the lemming's magazine."

Warmed Over Socialism....

The ageing 60's left sounds a little strident...and pathetic. While the best-seller lists are dominated by conservative mainstream publications - such as "Bias", revealing what we always knew - the worn-out left is still [pandering] to Marxism, enviro-nazism, and any form of anti-heterosexualism that the current fad embraces. If you like to laugh at the same old "blame {big-business, Christian, free-market, heterosexual, working-for-a-living, intelligent choice, monogamous, wise-use} individuals who are responsible for all of us loser's problems" - type articles, this is the magazine for you! I'll stick with the land of opportunity, hard work, and wise choices to get me through!

Mother Jones needs a mother

A left wing reactionary would love this magazine, its full of leftist lies and rhetoric that any young stalinist would love. Read this magazine and become a mindless drone in Lenin's camp.