Reviews For Mother Jones Magazine

A non-corporate version of Time or Newsweek - and much better!!

Mother Jones has changed it's format over the past several years, but it has remained loyal in covering some of the most interesting national issues. From Gay boyscouts to G. W. Bush's political hand-me-downs, Mother Jones presents a strong, opinionated view of current events.

Personally, I like the older format better, but this news magazine is still one of the best around. Much better than Time or Newsweek.

The news articles as well as the profiles are exceptional. Great writing. Even some good photography every now and then....


A top News magazine

Unlike TIME or Newsweek Mother Jones magazine is willing to take on the big corporations and the sacred cows of government. It has been a publication we have read for decades and is fair. Liberal for sure, but also fair. They took on politicians who were in the corner with the tobacco companies. People like then California Speaker and now San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. They have exposed the hypocrites who fight porn and the hypocrites within organized religion. They have been on the front lines on racial and ethnic issues long before the average "news" magazines gave a damn.

What a great find

Not too many newsstands carry this magazine, so it is well worth having a subscription. Most of today's magazines are published by large conglomerates (such as AOL-Time-Warner), just the type of organizations that would NEVER say a bad word against a government that supports them in every way.

THIS is a magazine for the people...not afraid to tell it like it uncover dirty politics (be it Republican or Democrat) or corrupt business. If more people would read this magazine, more people would be outraged at what's going on, and perhaps things would start heading in the right direction.

But this magazine isn't just politics. They have great articles on music, books, etc., as well.

This is no Time or Newsweek, kissing up to the politicians and big business that have this nation in such an awful mess. This is reality. Subscribe today.

I love it...

I'm starting to think I'm going to have to get a subscription to MoJo -- it's getting harder and harder to find here in Canada. This is one of the most progressive magazines around. It is a well written, hard hitting magazine that covers politics from a progressive viewpoint. I like having access to something that contradicts the pro-business/capitalism point of view that dominates in the North American media. The quality of the writing and the photography is high, and the articles are timely and topical enough that they can lead to great conversations with guests. If you're all at open to reading a socialist/left wing viewpoint on national and international issues, this magazine is one you'll want to read.

Independent research is the only way to truth

Mother Jones uses an independent research fund to pay their journalists for news articles and research. They do not allow advertising or parent companies to get between the truth and what gets published. If you want to be educated on what is going on in the environment and government, and corporate activity in regards to both, you should read Mother Jones. It is unbiased. The search for truth should not be labeled as a solely left-wing or liberal activity. And if it is, then shame on those radical conservatives who wish to disassociate themselves from something noble.

Excellent Magazine .....

Mother Jones is one of the most well written and well researched magazines on the market. It rivals all other publications that stray from the mainstream (such as The Nation) and is filled with articles that are critical of all government policies whether they stem from the left or the right and offers extensive analysis of policy and cultural issues. It is , of course , not for all, but rather for those with open minds who do not submit to political dogma (preached either from the left or the right). I highly recommend this magazine.
Also I would just like to point out that a magazine cannot be "leftist dribble", the only time that those two words can go together in a coherent sentence is if you were playing a basketball game with Karl Marx and you said "damn that guy has a leftist dribble..." I believe "drivel" is the correct word to use when you want to discredit ideas that you do not like without explanation.

Indepedent Research: Neither Dems nor Repubs are spared.

Excellent independent research! Investigative journalism at its best. It is neither a liberal nor a conservative publication, for neither Republicans nor Democrats are spared. Politicians make a lot of claims, and Mother Jones looks beyond their words to see if they actually put them into action. As you will see when you read Mother Jones, many politicians (both Democrats and Republicans) do not "put their money where their mouth is." Also, ignore the reviews saying that it is biased. Apparently, they consider facts that are inconvenient and run counter to their beliefs to be biased. What is interesting is that if they came across an article in Mother Jones that supported their beliefs, that they agreed with, then they would probably say that the article was impartial and fair. Hey, the truth hurts sometimes. Finally, the reviewers claiming that this is a liberal magazine
because it talks about Bush so often are misguided. Mother Jones does so many articles on Bush because he makes so many claims and says so many things that are not supported by his actions. He is an easy target. They do articles on Kerry and others too.

Want the Truth?

Mother Jones has been a source of intelligently researched and unbiased information for as long as I can remember. It is one of the few publications that gives readers the TRUTH about happenings in our nation whether environmental, political or social. (A fact that really irritates most conservatives since the truth about them is rarely flattering.)
In these times when right wing propaganda is on every television channel, in every newspaper, and most other magazines -you will always get the FACTS from Mother Jones. Almost twenty years ago, I read an article in Mother Jones about the Bush boys' thievery and plundering of our Savings and Loan Institutions. Information that was censored, denied and covered-up by most other publications. I've been hooked on this magazine ever since.

Time magazine should be ashamed

Like one commentor said..."The Truth Hurts". It does...If you're happy with your Martha Stewart and Scott Peterson news, do not buy this magazine. If you want the real dirt, left or right wing...this is it. They shoot from the hip.

If you want the truth and not what you will see on the mainstream media, this is the magazine. They are well known to publish stories that the NY Times is afraid to publish. As a matter of fact, most of the writers on Mother Jones and The Nation used to write for the Times. And I just heard last week two stories written by NY Times writers that they're publishers wouldn't print. So guess who did? If you doubt me, look up the 25 Most Censored Stories of 2004 and 2005.

A magazine with guts: true reporting, no corporate agenda

Mother Jones is what Journalism should be: gutsy, honest, no-holds barred investigative reporting. Regardless of your political party, this is one of the last vestages of honest reporting left available to us.
Everything from world news, the envirnment, American politics and current events is researched thoroughly and reported honestly.

A must read for people interested in more news than is available the newspaper, or in Newsweek and Time. If your tired of the pathetic blather that parades as news these days, it's time for Mother Jones.