Reviews For Mother Jones Magazine

MoJo: words + pictures

These days, it seems that most magazines will provide either good content or pretty design. For the last 25 years Mother Jones has somehow managed to do both.

They provide timely and excellent investigative reports. I picked up an issue from the summer to see a report about military technology. Given current perspective, MJ seems to have hit the nail on the head by examining the validity of missle defense as _the_way_ to protect national security.

Good left leaning muckraking magazine

I lean left politically and was looking for a magizine to inform and get me thinking. I tried several others, including The Nation, and settled on and subscribed to Mother Jones. While the magazine leans left, it does so in a more informed and intellectually honest way, as opposed to a rah rah banner waving way. It mixes in a bit more social commentary and investigation as opposed to political propoganda and endless articles on how to defeat the Republicans. If you're interested in a solid investigative, left leaning magazine, check out Mother Jones. Check out their web site, they have some free content and additional content that is available if you get the magazine.

The Truth Hurts

But that's what you'll get from this magazine, and plenty of it, too. Although it's not the first magazine I would choose to get information from (I would probably choose Z Magazine over Mother Jones any day) it can still be considered reliable, and free from the right-wing spin that you would get with most of the other magazines found at your local or digital newstand.

Excellent Liberal publication

If you are a liberal and enjoy well-thought out pieces on such various issues as Iraq to Azerbajin, this is the magazine for you. As I liberal, I look forward to every issue. Nearly every article is informative and interesting. Do not give this to a close-minded conservative. An open-minded one maybe.

Not afraid to tackle the controversal issues!

This magazine confronts the most controversial and usually most important issues of our time. No mindless dribble through diversionary news (who won American Idol) in here, just the news that needs to be discussed. The issues corporate war mongers want to keep American's deaf to.

The Best

I can't emphasize enough how much i love this magazine! It's thought-provoking, socially-responsible and thoroughly-researched. It's THE magazine to have and I fully endorse it.

Great Investigative Journalism

Mother Jones is an essential periodical for those that want hard-hitting investigative journalism. They will grill members from both sides of the aisle. Wonderful and timely features inspire me in each and every issue. I would highly recommend this magazine to those who strive to advocate for the best in the planet in terms of economic, social, and environmental policies.

News the way it's suposed to be

Fantastic news magazine. Look forward to every issue. Have had a subscription for 2 years now.

Great Magazine

It's a perfect magazine for people on the Left side of the aisle. It is a respectable magazine named for a respectable woman. It focuses on one subject though out the magazine and comes out each month.

Love, love this magazine!

Always informing and entertaining. This magazine keeps me informed about things you're never going to see on tv (even the Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman shows)! The journalists are smart, savvy and informed. Definitely buy if you like some good muckraking and have liberal tendencies!