Reviews For House Beautiful Magazine

Good ideas

This magazine gives you good ideas and images as far as decorating and improving the value of your house. Nice pictures.

Peace and Happiness,

Patrick Leonardi

House Beautiful magazine subscription

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL is replete with a helpful variety of quality pictures of possiblities for room-set up. It also contains relevant and meaninful articles that can directly apply to current decorating needs and issues.

Great for DIY decorators

This was a gift for my niece who loves to redecorate. She uses this magazine for inspiration and loves it.

House Beautiful

I've always liked the magazine and often bought it from the stands. Only when I saw the special deal did I ever consider taking a subscription.


Wonderful Magazine!

This is a great magazine! We just moved into a new house and the decorating ideas have been so helpful! I look forward to more issues!
And when I am finished reading the magazines, I will put them on my coffee table for others to enjoy.

Great Pics, Great Ideas, Great Magazine!!

It has fresh, beautiful and modern ideas to decorate or redecorate your home. I would definitely recommend it!!


Nice pictures of houses you would be comfortable in. Much better than most magazines. Not as good as architectural digest.

magazines came on time

It did take a month but I got both magazines and the price was RIGHT so I cannot complain.

Useful content, good ideas!

I got this magazine and "Dwell" after buying a new-to-me house and needing ideas. What a contrast! This magazine has lots of useful ideas: most of the furniture is not outrageously expensive, and for many of the paint jobs they give you the details on the paint so you could walk into the paint store and buy exactly the same paint they used. I actually prefer the aesthetics of "Dwell" (mid-century modern is my heroin) but their ideas are completely unachievable, expensive, and vague. HB is a refreshing contrast. I've already applied some of their ideas to my own home.

very helpful

This is a very helpful mag. Alot of interesting ideas and tips. Even the ads are good for ideas