Reviews For House Beautiful Magazine

so happy to be a subscriber

Love this magazine and am glad I finally decided to subscribe! It's a great read front to back and I always catch myself just staring and absorbing the inspirational rooms and designs.

GREAT magazine

I love House Beautiful, and it's the one I have been getting for the longest time now, and is one of the very best decor magazines around. Although upscale it still gives some ideas for the "average" decor buff. You can also find great prices on this on the net.

My Favorite

This magazine has replaced all others as my favorite design magazine! I even bought a gift subscription for my Mom and see enjoys it as much as I do. She remembers it from when it first came out and says it used to a stuffier publication and was amused when I told her that I read it. Whomever redesigned the layout for this magazine did an excellent job!

Refined Perspective

I believe that House Beautiful has become a standard of sorts in American decorating magazines (perhaps taking the baton from the now defunkt House and Garden, and giving Elle Decor steep competition). The editors take a very intelligent perspective - always finding a new angle, The photography and the layout are beautiful. A thinking designers magazine, reliably a collection of beautiful images and smart commentary monthly.

House Beautiful

This is an excellent magazine not only for professional designers and people who are interested in their living spaces, but has well considered articles and is a pleasure for the eyes.

Love this magazine!!!

I look forward to this magazine in my mailbox. It has beautiful pages of homes with great ideas. I love the color part of magazine that gives me different choicesfor one color. This is a magazine that I buy year after year.

Wonderful magazine

This seller definitely sold me the perfect magazine for my daughter. It is just as stated. A great magazine for anyone who wants to decorate

House Beautiful Magazine

Magazine gives creative decorating ideas, interviews on new places to visit, and a recipie occassionally. I enjoy the magazine, it was a great value.

Good magazine

My mother always had copies of house beautiful lying around for inspiration, and I do too. Every issue gives me a fresh idea to make my surroundings more pleasant. I know several interior designers who also rely on it.

House Beautiful - Don't decorate a house without it

House Beautiful is packed with useful ideas on home decorating that even a novice can understand and put into practice. The publication is easy to read and provides excellent ideas from Kitchen to Closet. If you are thinking about redecorating your home, or furnishing a new one, House Beautiful will provide all the help you need.