Reviews For House Beautiful Magazine


Of the many shelter magazines I subscribe to, this has to be in the top three. This magazine is a huge improvement over what it was even a few years ago. A good mix of freshened up traditional, fun, and not-too-concretey modern interiors. Not as funky as Domino, often more current and fun than Veranda and Southern Accents. More traditional (and liveable) than Dwell, and way less beige than uninspirational Architectural Digest. Less old-world than World of Interiors. House Beautiful features interiors you'd actually want to live in.

Ecclectic ideas

I love House Beautiful! It gives so many wonderful ideas. This is a collection of ecclectic styles, patterns, and methods that will suit anyone's taste. And these ideas aren't hard to follow. With the smallest effort, anyone can follow the look they have in the magazine.

Great Quality

As a potential interior designer, I find that this magazine is both realistic and elegant in the articles it provides for the professional and for the hobbiest. I have a subscription and I find that studying the designers, the styles and the themes I have learned so much about the work of a designer. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys color, fabrics or just pictures of beautifully designed rooms and interiors.

Best Decorating Magazine Published

I have subcribed to House Beautiful for over 20 years, and find they consistantly showcase the most beautiful rooms year after year. They have a good mix of styles and decorators. I have seen a great improvement since Stephen Drucker has taken the helm as Editor in Chief. I love their new features: Color, Instant Room, You Do The Match, Weekend Shopper, and Ask the Barefoot Contessa. I am going to have to find more storage for the back issues I keep for reference. I only wish I could award this magazine more stars!

Great for ideas

I love this magazine, even the ads. I use it as a reference for ideas for decorating my house. You must look at everything in the pictures and dissect it. Then you can think of ways of recreating the look for less, maybe even crafting. I always send them to my Mom after I'm done with my issues and she loves them, but we like house decorating and if you don't then you won't like this magazine.

my replacement...

I picked up this magazine as a replacement for my beloved 'Domino'(still sobbing over this loss!). HB would be the child of 'Domino' and 'Elle Decor'. A bit more grown up than 'Domino', with less pretension and more realistic ideas than 'Elle Decor'. Maybe everyone just can't run out and purchase the majority of the items showcased, but everyone can get great inspirational ideas from this magazine. And, if you are not creative...well, at least it serves as pretty eye candy.

Something for everyone

I have been subscribing to House Beautiful for two years now after a long absence. It now has something for everyone. They feature everything from formal, modern, country, minimalism to movie houses. I always learn something new from it every month. Just hope that it doesn't disappoint with the recent change in editors.
With the recent discontinuation of so many publications I feel its important to support the few good ones
that remain.


I am a decorating magazine junkie so I have subscribed to many decorating magazines. This is my favorite of all. The interiors are inspiring and I find myself clipping the pictures for inspiration for my own projects. The ideas are fresh and unique. They do not dwell on what is currently in vogue (e.g. the latest color combination) but focus more on the person's lifestyle. Personally I love decorating that is not trendy, and this magazines delivers just that.

Cute, Easy Read

Got the magazine in less than a month! I had purchased the magazine before so I knew what I was getting. It is a cute easy read. Some months I like everything. This month they decorated a lake and beach house which are things I will never probably have so I just looked, but was not inspired.

Beautiful magazine

I am never disappointed...this magazine has beautiful photos....fresh designs featured...and interesting features such as The Last Words, Send us a picture, and I Love My Bed. These allow the reader a peak into the world of designers real homes. Friends recommended this magazine, and I have never been disappointed.