Reviews For Harper's Bazaar Magazine

I'm waiting 1,5 months already!

I will get my first issue two months after I purchased the magazine!
If ever, that's like theres no use getting one.

waste of paper

this magazine is just a waste of paper...i guess i am not shallow enough and dumb enough to fall into this high expensive fashion stuff......

Out of touch with the 21st century

Wow, what a great idea: let's make everything look and read like it's 1950 again! Sheesh, what were they thinking, honestly? If they were trying to be fashion-centric, it's already failed, as the speed of fashion moves so fast that Bazaar should be thinking AHEAD, not dredging up a long-moldy history. I can't wait until my sub runs out, hate to say. Give me Nylon or British Vogue any day- at least they remember what century they are in.