Reviews For Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Fabulous Magazine!

I have been reading Harpers for about a year now and I love it.It has everything from current trends in fashion to politics.I love the celebrities they use for the covers and the photography is wonderful.It is one of several magazines I get every month that I read from cover to cover without putting it down.It rates as one of my top 5 favorites.If you like fashion then you can't go wrong with Harpers Bazaar and the price of a subscription can't be beat for this type of magazine!

The most consistently elegant mainstream fashion mag ...

... in the U.S. is Harper's Bazaar. You need only check out the recent covers in black and white, featuring Charlize Theron and Demi Moore, to see why this mouthwatering magazine is the high water mark for the best of the best of what's on offer at the supermarket check out stands stateside.

In a market crowded with magazines which look increasingly the same and seem to recycle the identical set of celebrity photos over and over again (snooze), Bazaar has cast an eye on the illustrious typography and design sense of its own past years. The results are evident on every glossy page, with very little of the guilty aftertaste here that you'll surely feel after flipping through the advertising book that is any issue of its bloated, mainstream market competitors.

Are the clothes ridiculously expensive for all but the richest among us? Of course. Do we really care about who showed up at what swanky party in NYC? Probably not. Will we ever look like any of those models? Darlin', you jest! But we do care (admit it) about the fantasy, the luxe, the allure of beautiful clothes on beautiful people -- they're lovely to behold, it's only natural, and it's fun -- you could do a lot worse than dropping a few bucks on this class act and its peer in the "shelter" magazines group, House and Garden. Another magazine not overstuffed with ads and perfumes and heavy on design sophistication, also highly recommended.

I'm sure she's a perfectly lovely person, but I have to say that the recent spread featuring the Duchess of Cornwall (that'd be Prince Chuck's new wife, Camilla) sitting at her vanity with an iPod in her ear was somewhat less than captivating ... unless you count all of the delicious little Corgis showing off at her feet (and I do) ... I don't understand how this got in, but sometimes these things are random, and she is after all the royal consort. Ho hum. Just a blip on the Bazaar radar.

Excepting things like that, way to go, Bazaar! Show them how it's done!

High Fashion

Harper's is the best if you enjoy high fashion. Yes, most of the items featured are completely unaffordable for the average person. However, by looking at the featured designer items and the gorgeous photo layouts, you can get an idea of what's fashionable or will be fashionable in about 2 months. If you want to stay ahead of the trends, this is a must-have.

Graphically Devine - a picture is worth a 1,000 words

I have subscribed to this magazine for many years, and as the reviewers have stated, the articles leave little to be desired. They are far and few between in useful information. I do, however, love Bazaar because of its photography. Graphically, the magazine is able to create an art of fashion. I too find myself cutting out pages and archiving back issues. Some spreads are actually worth framing to be hung on my wall. Don't buy Bazaar if you are looking for makeup tips or love tips (although they are featured). Buy Bazaar because fashion is an image - not just how you apply your lipeliner.

As Far as fashion magazines go.. this goes the farthest.

Although maybe not as "high" on the fashion anarchy as Vogue or W, this wins all votes for the best in readabillity, design, and simplicity. While the Fall Fashion Issue is NOT 700 pages, It is more effective in getting the points of the fall/winter shows across to the average fashonista. And unlike many of it's more elusive counterparts (vogue, anyone?) It thougholly covers NY fashion week- not just paris and milan. Like the higher fashion glossy with incredible ads minus the ego, and with incredible articals on the fashion lifestyle, Harper's truly is the best of both worlds.

The BEST fashion magazine - forget VOGUE

Harper's Bazaar is the very best fashion and high style magazine out there, nothing compared to the always disappointing Vogue. Better fashions, editorials, articles that I actually want to read and keepsake editions that are just classics. The true bible if you want to be in style.

REAL WOMEN read Harper's Bazaar

I love the CLASS of Harper' Bazaar - a quality in short supply these days. The fashion choices are ageless, the photograpy fantastic, the literary exerpts very interesting and I love the new layout. Harper's Bazaar is out of the ordinary. It is not for teeny boppers, though teenage women could do themselves a favor and read it. Its about being an educated, discerning, intelligent, thoughtful woman (who thinks about more than how to get a man). It makes clear that women don't have to cheapen themselves to be the wonderful, interesting, talented, important beings that they already are! I am cheering for the new team at Harpers Bazaar - so far they are doing a tremendous job in difficult times. P.S. I love the new July 02 edition!!!!!!

Harpers Bazaar

This is by far the best fashion magazine. Every month you will find practical tips for looking your best. The photography is also amazing!

Harpers Bazaar Magazine

Tres magnifique!This magazine is a very girls magazine.Always I find very much clothing and make-up that I adore.The cover of the magazine is always gorgeous.

The best fashion mag

I am writing this review in mid September, my first Harper's won't be delivered until the beginning of October, however, I am no stranger to the magazine. I purchased this subscription because of the incredible value (2 year) for a terrific price. Harper's gives you the latest fashion looks, the layouts are graphically exceptional and the articles and features are always interesting. If you are fashionably challenged, this magazine is a fab tutorial.