Reviews For Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Give me back my old Bazaar...

I started reading HB 6 years ago, when the incredible Liz Tilberis was editor. Back then my eyes lit up everytime I opened an issue; the layouts and photography were awesome - way better than it is now. These days the beauty and fashion images are mostly dull and tedious. Some of them are really 60's, and not in the good way. I think it has a lot to do with who's in charge. They need to bring in somebody who will actually make the contents of the magazine attractive to the reader. Anyway, like another reviewer, I just buy it for the ads.

Good magazine but horrible customer service

Harper's Bazaar is a pretty decent fashion magazine, but I wish now that I had never gotten a subscription. True, each issue would be more expensive, but

1) I could pick out what issues seemed worth buying, as some are thin and empty

2) They are quite often late with their delivery or you miss an issue. I have only gotten one issue on time, to be honest.

fading fast

This magazine used to be as good, and in certain ways better, than Vogue. But the most recent redesign under the new editor in chief is apalling! I was so disappointed in the issue with Meg Ryan on the cover (the fashion looked generic, all the stories were strange and boring). Vogue and W are clearly the best ones out there now.

Not Fair

Dear Sirs,

Two days ago I ordered Harper's Bazar at your "special" price with a deadline of October 30th, and now you lower the price once the deadline is over!!! That is not "playing fair"..

Bazar magazine

it's a good magzine I recomend it I have not got a issue yet i hope I do
get it soon


Why are the editors hell-bent on featuring fur?!


I was first intimidated about the amount of pages in this magazine but after I opened it and realized it was mostly ads it all made sense. This would be ideal for photographers looking for inspiration or fashion addicts but neither of these are me.

Too many adds.

I know that many magazines nowadays have tons of adds, but the amount of adds on this magazine is ridiculous.
I thought I would find nice articles to read but I didn't, all I found was pictures of expensive products and comments on where to buy them.
I didn't like this magazine at all. I should have gotten Marie Claire/Cosmopolitan.

boring mag

I got a subscription to this magazine because I was looking for an upscale fashion mag. Ladies, please pass on this one. The articles are boring and somewhat out of touch. But, what really put me over the top, is when a few months ago I started noticing the cigarette ads in the magazine. I mean really, I know its a tough market out there, but I just find it completely unethical to have these ads in a magazine read by young women. Won't be renewing my subscription to this one!!

Was the best flagship magazine

Now its about compromise ,sadly it's poorly designed and nostalgic where as once it was beautiful and foward thinking with mr. Baron at the helm ....bring him back ,an you will have a magazine worth looking at