Reviews For Guideposts Magazine

Damn there are a hell of alot of miracles happening everyday

I've been traveling lately for work. I'm hitting a different city every couple of nights. Its a hectic schedule, but I am pretty well traveled. I know how to make the best of the situation. Only take carry on bags, don;t eat the airline food (a lesson I learned too late), and bring plenty of reading material. You never know when you are stuck on a plane with a Warren Betty movie playing.

Well all hell broke loose on the last plane ride I took. I settled into my seat with my Bog Mac and waited for the fasten seat belt light to go off. When it did I ate my Big Mac and Fries and looked up at the screen. Damn, Warren Betty with his wife in a movie about a plane crash no less. I swore a little bit and reached into my reading bag. Damn again. Either I brought the wrong bag or someone stole my bag of goodies. I wasn;t going to watch the movie so I looked around. Nothing. I even asked the stewardess and she came up empty handed. Then, there it was, my saving grace. Someone left behind a Guidepost magazine. I was thrilled.

I was thrilled until I read the little caption that said interfaith magazine. I thought, great, propanda magazine spreading the "good word". I thought good word my ass. I'm sitting here on the plane reading an interfaith magazine. So, I tried to strike up a conversation. It wasn't happening. It was the magazine or sleep. I voted for sleep. After 15 minutes of trying, I voted for the magazine.

I was a little surprised. Sure the magazine is all God this and God that throughout the magazine. Miracle here, miralce there (you think it burns these religious guys asses when a non believer has a miracle. Are they secretly po'ed and ready for revenge? I think that would be a good test of someones faith. Screw them over and see if they still do believe. If they do, hot damn, its the fluffly cloud car for you. If not, its fire and hell buddy boy.). The stories were EXTREMELY sappy and just too perfect. I have a hard time believing that there isn't a little poetic licensing going on in the stories. Maybe it was the boredom talking or maybe the Buds, but the magazine wasn't so bad. I would read it again if I couldn't sleep, had no one to talk to, a bad movie was showing, and I read everything else possible, including the barf bag instructions. The stories really reminded me of that show on PAX, hope island or something like that. The dude is up there showing you all kinds of miracles.