Reviews For Guideposts Magazine

A Great Source of Faith

I do not even know where to begin. This magazine has helped me so many times. Whenever I am feeling down and need some lifting I read a story or two. The stories are just so inspirational and such a change from most stories you will find in magazines. Each story is different and is based on something that happened in the author's life. The stories are short, but they give a message that is so enriching you would have thought that you had been reading for hours.

Several of the stories had come to me at a perfect time in my life. After reading the story I had a new outlook on my problem and realized that things are not always as bad as they seem. Because, if someone else had faced a greater challenge or problem than I have I can make it as well. There is no problem that big that can not be fixed with love and guidance.



Want to be uplifted after a bad day? Pick up a copy of Guideposts. The short stories are uplifting and will pick your spirits right up. I have been reading Guideposts for several years..after borrowing them from my mother-in-law then getting a subscription from her as a gift and I have yet to read a story that didn't uplift my spirits or to see how that person's trust in God had not been strengthened.

Guideposts is a wonderful ministry also..they have a prayer ministry where you can send in your prayer requests and they will prayer over them.

Need an idea for a gift for that someone who has everything? I recommend a gift subscription to Guideposts. They are modestly priced also. They even have Guideposts for Kids.


It Makes Me Smile

Sometimes my world gets so bogged down with the daily details, deadlines, bills to pay, schedules to keep. It can be hard to find time to do fun reading. I keep my Guideposts in the car so I can read while I wait for kids or whatever. The stories are short, so I can finish several in a sitting. Often the stories make me cry as I relate to the problems of others, but by the end of the story I'm smiling if not laughing out loud. Guideposts always reminds me that God is only a thought away. It would be a bargain at twice the price.


Recomended for Anyone!

I love this magazine! It is very uplifting and every issue is good reading! I chose this magazine because my Mom used to get it and I would pick it up & read it every once in a while. (I wasn't very interested back then.) After I got married 2years ago I needed something cheerful & heartening to read after a rough day or when I am worried about things. I like to read a short story before I go to bed it gives me good things to think about as I fall a sleep rather than whatever I was concerned about before.
Another good thing is that if you don't have a lot of time to read almost all the stoies in here are rather short to they take no time to read one!
It's good if you only have a minute or two to read something!
I can say that I have ever read another magazine at all like this! :)


Uplifting stories for all people

Guidepost is one of the best magazines around. The stories are true and inspirational . They give you hope and make you feel good about life.I can never get enough of them . I recommend it for people all the world over.

Best Magazine Ever

My great-grandmother bought subscriptions to Guideposts for all of her grandchildren year after year. I grew up eagerly reading the stories every month since I learned to read in grade school. When my sister and I married and moved out, my mom continued the tradition by paying for our subscriptions every year. After I read each issue, I pass it along to my girlfriend, who then passes it to her neighbor. My husband and I buy subscriptions every year for our seven adult nieces and nephews, as well as for several friends. These stories never fail to put me in a better mood. Whenever I'm feeling down or I can't sleep, I pick up a Guideposts. Usually, I can't put it down until I've read the whole issue. The stories are all from real, normal, everyday people. They get my mind off of myself, remind me of God's faithfulness, and put life in proper perspective. This is the only magazine of which I can honestly say you will not be disappointed. It is worth the price, many times over. Everyone with whom I've shared it has grown to love it, too. I feel that it's the best gift I can give someone I care about.

Guideposts Review

Great magazine. I have read it for years and would highly recommend it to others. The magazine contains true short stories which inspire, and provide hope. I love dropping off copies wherever I travel, so I can share something good with others. A great gift!

A very uplifting magazine

This has to be one of the better magazines that feature spiritual and uplifting messages. This magazine is perfect for a source of interfaith Christian articles that are uplighting and inspirational. Often there are articles on famous people who discuss their spiritual life. They have some excellent columns and stories from other readers. Stories aren't too long, and great for a morning devotional.

Regardless of your religious, or nonreligious, persuasion...

My wife got we started on this one during our nightly bedtime reading. She'd say "here's a good one" and read it to me. The nice thing about this publication is that it doesn't cram religion down your throat. Every piece is concise and spiritually uplifting without being preachy. I give it 4 stars only because it's a little too sappy for me sometimes, kind of like watching 7th Heaven, but if you want something that for a few minutes of time can leave you in a much more spiritual frame of mind, this is it.


We have had a subscription for several years. Each month we enjoy reading the various stories of how God worked in the lives of individuals. It is non-sectarian, which makes it useful for people from a variety of faith traditions.