Reviews For Guideposts Magazine

A Message to Guide Us

Guideposts is a publication I had seen on my grandmother's nightstand for many years before I ever picked it up and read it. I had assumed it was an "old person's" magazine because everyone I knew who read it was old! I was mistaken.

Guideposts is an inspirational magazine. Its small format (5x7) makes it perfect to tuck in a purse or backpack, and the stories are short and uplifting.

Each issue opens with a message from the Editor-in-Chief, Edward Grinnan. It is sincere, welcoming, and refreshing. As this is a magazine that encourages faith in God, it is good to see that its writers and editors share the faith.

Features range from stories about missionaries to finding the true meaning of a holiday. Family is emphasized, as is charity, kindness, and Christianity.

The October issue features an article written by John Wallach, a New York journalist, about a camp in Maine designed to bring together young people from Palestine and Israel for three weeks of summer "peace". It is informative, inspirational, and leaves the reader feeling that there really are good things happening in our world of uncertainty. In light of our recent tragedies, its timing was impeccable.

A short essay called "Mama's Dream" was especially touching, as it delves into the wishes of the author's mother. It looks at how her longing to become a writer became a reality without anyone realizing it. It is heartwarming and again--inspiring.

The departments that are featured each month include Pass It On, What Prayer Can Do, Caregivers, The Up Side, His Mysterious Ways, Abundant Table, and Family Room. These are short contributions written mostly by freelance writers, and are incidentally the best way for freelancers to break into this publication, which is not an easy one to break into! They pay their writers exceptionally well, too--another plus that is becoming more and more sparse.

Guideposts features other publications as well. Angels on Earth, Guideposts for Teens, and Guideposts for Kids are all either print or online publications that stress the same values for each specific age group. Angels on Earth tells heartwarming stories of people whose lives have been directly touched by divine intervention.

If Christianity or belief in God are not appealing, then this magazine won't be either. However for those who rely so heavily upon their faith, especially in these tumultuous times, there is much to be gained by reading Guideposts. And the most significant part of practicing faith comes from passing it on. I like to take my copies to hospitals and nursing homes to share with others after I've read them.


Walk to the post...

I remember a story I heard once about a guy who wanted to walk across a field. There was a post at the end where he wanted to go. He just fixed his gaze upon the post and walked straight to it. When he looked back, his footsteps were in a straight line. Other people had tried to walk across the same field but kept looking back to where they had been. Their steps did not go in a straight line. This is, of course, an analogy about life. We can choose to follow THE guiding light, God, or we can try to create our own way. Guideposts, the magazine, celebrates those who have chosen to follow God's leading in their life.

I've been a subscriber most of my adult life (the jury is out on when that actually began). This magazine never ceases to amaze me with the personal stories people have to tell about how God acts in their life.

It accepts no advertising and follows up most contributors with a personal note at the end. It also has regular features such as "His Mysterious Ways" which lets people share what many would call miracles (coincidences to others).

I highly recommend this magazine. It also makes an awesome gift. Be aware that you will be added to their book mailing lists also.


For Hope and Inspiration, Read This Magazine

Guideposts is definitely a magazine that fans the flame of faith and hope within a person. As a Christian, I appreciate this immensely.

I am a magazine reader. If I had the money to subscribe to tons of magazines, many more trees would lose their life, I'm afraid. Since I don't have that sort of money, I go to my mothers and read her stacks and stacks of them. As a matter of fact she has a magazine rack that covers a whole wall. However, whenever I get to go to her house, the one magazine that I usually grab first is the Guideposts.

This magazine compares in a way to Reader's Digest in it's story telling nature, however, Guideposts' stories are usually true stories and not fictional. Each story triggers some sense of hope or inspiration and usually helps me to remember that God loves so many people and helps them in their times of need. Many stories involve trials and tribulations and how faith in God played a part to get them through such times as stronger people and filled with an even greater sense of faith in God. Yes, they are touchy-feely stories...but this is how I see God; very touchy-feely and with us every step of the way, IF we are willing to acknowledge His presence.

After reading my friend, Endora 60's, review, I just had to write one myself and get my side of the story out. Read her review too, I think it's very telling of someone with a different perspective on life.

One more thing: if you have teens in the house, it might be worth your while to get them a subscription to Guideposts for Teens. Guideposts for Teens is basically the same type of stories as Guideposts, but it includes stories from teens and from those that teens can easily relate to. It can really help to build their faith in God and see how God works in people their age outside of their life. Both of these magazines are full of hope and inspiration. If you are into that sort of thing, this is definitely a good investment.


If You Like Chicken Soup, You'll Love This

If you like the stories in the Chicken Soup series, you will love Guideposts magazine. Guideposts stories are inspirational, uplifting, and can give you those ol' "goosebumps" at times. The stories are true accounts of the lives of ordinary people like you and me, as well as well-known people (i.e. sports figures, actors, etc..) They center around faith in God.

Guideposts comes out monthly, and has several regular features. Those features include His Mysterious Ways, What Prayer Can Do, and Family Room. I love Family Room, because it gives updates and bio information on the author of each story. If a story involves a cerain organization or foundation, it includes an address to write for more information. I also love the His Mysterious Ways section. This section has a short four or five paragraph story on how God has touched the lives of someone. The What Prayer Can Do section is just what it says. They are stories on how prayer has specifically helped someone in a given situation.

A subscription to Guideposts is relatively inexpensive. They also offer subscriptions to Angels On Earth and Guideposts For Kids. If you enjoy inspirational stories, give it a try. You won't regret it!


Good News with Morning Coffee


Tired of the awful news that fills the daily paper? Murder and grand larceny not your idea of the way to start the day? Then get yourself a subscription to Guideposts, which bills itself as ?True Stories of Hope and Inspiration?. This magazine never fails to uplift and encourage me. I remember reading Guideposts at my friend?s house when I was a kid; now that I?m an adult, I generally read the whole magazine at one sitting!

The stories are very down to earth, written by people from all faiths and walks of life. Recent authors have included Hugh Downs, a single mom, a beekeeper, and a college sports star. Guideposts regularly runs series of stories as well. Last year there was a series on suffering; currently the series is on caregivers. Most of the stories
talk about people overcoming adversity, changing their lives, or rediscovering their faith. Never preachy or sermon-like, Guideposts makes you cry while renewing your faith in humanity and God alike.

Regular short features include His Mysterious Ways (goosebumps-inducing
miracle stories), What Prayer Can Do (answers to prayer and an invitation to send prayer requests to the Guideposts staff), Angels Among Us (stories of ?unexpected helpers?) and a Family Room (updates on the authors of the longer stories). Guideposts recently added more pages for stories and made some format changes, all of which enhance this already enjoyable magazine. Best of all: no advertising!

Guideposts also offers a yearly ?Young Writers Contest? for high school
juniors and seniors with some serious college scholarship money and an adult ?Writers Workshop Contest? every other year, in which the winners are awarded a weeklong seminar on inspirational writing in New York with the Guideposts editors. Someday I?m going to make it to that workshop! As a writer, if you submit to Guideposts, they have some of the nicest rejection letters around (yes, I speak from sad experience).

I definitely recommend Guideposts to anyone looking for some well written stories of ?regular? folks and famous people who are sources of inspiration for us all.


My Halleluia Book

I first starting subscribing to this magazine about 10 years ago - each and every issue has been an uplifting experience - I usually read the magazine from front to back in one sitting.

As you read each story - you will go through a majority of emotions .... from tears of joy, to tears of sadness. You will feel a peace that will enfold you in the arms of our Lord - for as you read you know that His presence is all around you.

I have stopped reading in the mist of a story to pray for the people - you will feel such an uplifting of your spirit - I cannot get enough of this wonderful magazine for as it uplifts it will also have you checking your own spirit and your own motivations. The stories will always hit head on with a struggle of my own, so I have learned how to handle many things through the words of others.

If you like the books "Chicken Soup for the Soul" then you will enjoy the Guidepost magazine - for the messages are the same - its about brotherhood in a world where there are too many wrongs being done to each other - I find that as I read my heart is softened and I am able to stop looking inward at my own problems but to look beyond and see the need that is all around us.

Through reading the Guidepost magazine - I have found an inner joy that I may not have found - it is a small magazine but good things come in small packages and this is one package you need to open.

I highly recommend this magazine to all - they now have a new Guidepost magazine just for teens - so your children can also experience what God is saying to them through stories that they will be able to relate to.


inspiring and uplifting!

I have been reading guideposts magazine for a couple of years, my grandmother gives us a gift subscription each year. I really enjoy reading all the uplifting stories of how God has helped people get through tough times! The stories are all relativly short so it makes great bathroom reading too! lol

They have a section called his mysterious ways that is particularly enjoyable to read. It is just awesome to hear the stories and they are all true!!

I would recommend guideposts to anyone that likes to read short, true stories of peoples lives and how God has helped them in different ways!! It's really great!!



Guide Posts for Teens is one of the best magazines around. I am a strong Christian and this is just the type of reading material I was looking for. It doesn't bore you with dumb, fictional stories and beauty tip that are never used. But instead it has real amazing stories and issues that teens really face in life. It also doesn't have the endless advertisements that basically take up half of the pages in the other teen magazines. It's just straight up religious stories on how God helped people through rough times. Not only does it have stories, but posters, comics, advice, and news articles form around the world. I feel stronger in my faith because of it; I have even won a free Bible from GP4T! Take it from me, that this magazine is a keeper!


Guideposts is Great!!

Guideposts magazines are the best Spiritual magazines available. I have borrowed them from my mother-in-law for several years now, and have recently gotten a subscription to the magazine. The stories are very inspirational and positive. The material is usually Christian, but there are some Jewish stories, too. I am continually moved and uplifted by each and every story in each magazine. The magazines contain non-fictional short stories from actual people about their experiences in faith and with God. The stories range from two pages to six or seven pages, making each story a quick, uplifting read. I have never seen or read any other magazine like it, so I can't offer any information on similar or competing magazines. I can just say that each Guideposts magazine is a wonderful reading experience and I would recommend them to anyone, whether they be religious or not. Guideposts can lead anyone to a closer relationship to God.


let this magazine GUIDE the way

I subscribe to Guideposts because it has everything I need in a compact,carry along anywhere magazine. The stories in this magazine are all inspirational and true. Anytime I am feeling bad, I can usually pick up an issue of Guideposts and instantly lift my spirits. I have read other magazines that just don't do any thing for me. I find that a lot of other magazines just have nonsense stories and a lot of useless ads that just take up space. So unless you want to pay for a lot of junk ads and dumb stories I think Guideposts will truly satisfy you.