Reviews For Food Network Magazine

One great magazine

This magazine far exceeded my expectations. I have subscribed to 5 different cooking-type magazines, and this offering from the Food Network is by far superior- and the price is very reasonable. Go ahead- buy it- you won't be sorry!

Food Network magazine

WOW!!!! You have a REAL WINNER HERE. Perfect for the at home gourmet. Wonderful, what took you so long.

GinGer - Hendersonville, North Carolina

What a gift

I bought this magazine for my wife for Christmas. Most of the time, she is tuned into food network anyway, so why not buy her the magazine w/recipes to go with it? Score!

The Best Cooking Magazine Out There

I have subscribed to just about every cooking magazine out there. From Cooking Light to Bon Appetite to Everyday Food, they all have their merit, but nothing compares to FoodNetwork magazine. It contains beautiful pictures, fantastic and easy to follow recipes as well as a varied content not matched in other cooking magazines. I continue to subscribe to several other cooking magazines (because reading cooking magazines is one of my favorite past times), but if I had to choose JUST ONE then Food Network would be my magazine of choice. If you decide to subscribe to this magazine, you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Great pictures and recipes

I look forward to receiving every issue. It's like getting a cookbook in the mail every month. Lots of pictures and down to earth recipes.

Great gift!

I ordered this magazine as a Christmas gift for my sister and her husband. While we were still unwrapping presents they kept getting distracted with recipes that they wanted to try and articles they wanted to read! If I'd known how much they would like it I wouldn't have bought them anything else.

Best cookbook ever!

I have bought these magazines as gifts for all the women in my family and they all LOVE IT. It has TONS of great cooking ideas and recipes every month. It's like getting a new cookbook 12 times a year. Always has great, helpful hints. Just about everything is easy, quick and so far taste great!

Gave as a gift...

There is nothing wrong with the magazine at all. Its great for people who love to cook. I just dont like how no matter what magazine you order, it is 4-6 weeks before the first issue is sent.

Excellent Magazine

This is an excellent magazine because it not only shows you the current cooking philosophy but the ads demonstrate the current trends in kitchen must haves and wishes. I have subscribed for two years and on my third. The only problem I have is getting the magazine during the Nov/Dec holidays but that is a post office problem. I complained this year and got my issues even though they were late in getting to me. This magazine is worth the subscription price, and I really recommend it to everyone who is interested in cooking.


I have used many of the recipes from this magazine from the beginning of its publication. I have never been disappointed. Their helpful suggestions have always been useful; their articles interesting.