Reviews For Food Network Magazine

great ideas

Magazine has great,easy to follow meals with tidbits from favorite food network stars. Will improve your cooking style with ideas from pros.

Great magazine!

I subscribed to this magazine last year and decided to renew it again. It is packed full of recipes and lots of helpful tips when cooking. My boyfriend loves to steal recipes from it, or take the ideas and create his own.

a staple for any kitchen

This magazine should be a staple in every home! It is such an amazing magazine! Between being so well laid out and having a well balanced selection of articles, tips and recipes, I can not ask for more! If I could only subscribe to one magazine, it would be this one, hands down!

Love this magazine!

I really enjoy Food Network Magazine. It's a great mix of recipes, kitchen tips, and other cooking info. I always make several recipes out of each magazine, and I have had success with every recipe I've tried. If you enjoy cooking and like to watch Food Network, this is the magazine for you.

Trippin the Food Fantastic with Tyler and Friends......

I am a Food Network JUNKIE!!! so this magazine is a dream come true!!! I Love the weekend meals as well as the quick and easy everyday dinners. There is always a new, interesting cocktail to try to top it off. Love the section that has two versions of a recipe by two different chefs and invites comparison. Love that the beginning of the magazine offers quick reference with pictures attached. I am in love!!!!

Truthfully this current months version is not a good as previous issues, but if you love Food Network like I do, you can't really go too wrong.


If you enjoy new recipes as I do this is a great source. It has a great variety. Something for everyone. I highly recommend it.

Great Magazine

I just got my first issue and I love the magazine. The layout is great. The table of contents is pictures of every recipe separated by type, breakfast, lunch, dessert, etc. It's easy to read and follow and the stories are short and sweet. All in all, a great purchase!

Better than I expected

The magazine is better than I expected. I watch the food channel and enjoy it very much so I thought I would try the magazine. It's full of great ideas and good recipes and not too much advertising.

One of the Best Magazines!

Ok- I drool the entire time I look at this magazine! The photos are fantastic, and so inspiring!

The recipes seem much more realistic than what they do on t.v. I also love the fact that the magazine makes the chefs seem more personal, and it makes you want to watch their shows. I also love their suggestions for kitchen products. Most are reasonably priced and can be found locally (Kohls carries their entire kitchen line, love it!), rather than some elite boutique in a remote city.

Every magazine has a little insert with 50 different suggestions for a certain item. Last month it was for spaghetti sauce. I never thought to use such a simple ingredient for so many things! It really makes you look at everyday items in new and creative ways. Plus, it comes out easily from the magazine and you just stick it in your recipe book for your next party!

If you are looking for a change of pace from the boring cooking magazines, I really recommend this one! It's fresh, new and one your neighbors will fight to borrow!

Fantastic magazine!!!

love, love, love this subscription! usually, i tear out just a few recipes in cooking magazines. not this one! every page is full of great tips and recipes.