Reviews For Fit Pregnancy Magazine

Great Tips for a healthy pregnancy

What I like about this magazine is the various resources and information it offers pregnant Moms. This magazine has tons of helpful articles and tips from fitness (workouts), health, maternity fashion, etc. I've read numerous pregnancy books and I must admit many of them were helpful. But Fitness Pregnancy offers a variety of informative articles within each issue, and helpful tips focusing on health, nutrition, and fitness for the pregnant mom.

Exercise is important during pregnancy and this mag offers great workout tips as well as nutritional information. I also like checking out the current maternity fashions as well as the various ads showing new product info.


Ad Cravings

If you crave ads and places to buy nice babystuff this is a great magazine. most of the information you can find in a good pregnancy book though. so it's kind of repeating where i've already gone.

Fun while you are pregnant, but...

This magazine is fun to look at while you are pregnant. I personally couldn't afford most of the clothing but a girl can dream, right? The information they give you isn't anything I didn't already know. Another thing- I wasn't fond of the fact that they make you feel like you had to buy all the baby stuff that's out there to function with your new babe (which you don't!), but I guess that's the point!

save your money for real resources

I love Fitness, and Self, and all of those healthy magazine choices because they're packed with information on a fit and healthy lifestyle. When I got pregnant, I thought Fit Pregnant would be a nice substitute for these. Very wrong.

First, it is mostly ads for baby stuff, rather than resources for the pregnant woman today.

Second, it is full of the same 'paint your nursery the color of the month' fluff that all of the other pregnancy magazines are made of, but with less expertise to back up their visuals.

Third, it is a very slim magazine that only comes bi-monthly - or at least, I assume it does - I have not seen one for three months or so. I placed my order when I was 6 weeks pregnant. Now I'm 22 weeks and I've only receieved one issue in the mail. Seems like my baby will be walking by the time the subscription is done. (At which point I don't imagine I'll be too interested in which starlette has morning sickness.)

Finally, they seem to feature a trimester at a time. This seems useful, but it can be frustrating to when it is not your trimester.

Buy Fitness Pregnancy and skip this nonsense.

fit pregnancy ? or fashion pregnancy!

fit pregnancy should not be the proper name for this magazine. it should be called fashion pregnancy because all they focus on is fashion. i have never seen so many ads for baby stuff and maternity clothes ! i was very disappointed about the advice and the lack of excersise help in this magazine. they dont even help you eat healthy because the models look so good in their maternity clothes that it actually makes you depressed and since they hardly have healthy recipes it makes you feel like turning to junk food imediately. i do not recommend this magazine while pregnant, it just sat in my magazine rack till i got rid of it after delivery. =(