Reviews For Fit Pregnancy Magazine

Fir Pregnancy Perfect Reading

This magazine was given to me in my first trimester of my pregnancy. At first I was skeptical because of all the books I was given and information that people were handing out. As I read through the first issue, I was amazed at how much information it really contained. I still read the magazine now that I am starting to think about having a 2n child. The articles are factual and ver informative about post and prepregancy issues. I find this magazine more helpful than all those books out there that talk you through your pregnancy. I actually keep my old issues to go back and look through. I reccomend this magazine for anyone pregnant or thinking about it.


A must have for any Mother to be

This is one of the most balanced and informitive magazines I have found during my entire pregnancy. This being my second pregnancy, the first being lost in the first trimester, I was looking for as much information as I could get my hands on to make this one last till it was time to meet my new child.

Fit Pregnancy has articles on all aspects of pregnancy, and is highly informative. It also has articles on alternatives to so called 'modern' medicine. It shows the pros and cons of both modern medicine and midwifery as well.

It gives helpful tips on exercise that is good for keeping up with your greatly changing body, and good for those having to rest more then others as well as those that seem to be blessed with a wonderful easy pregnancy. They tell me those actually exsist.

There is always something new in each issue to learn, and by learning you are better able to ask questions from your pregnancy care giver, be it your OB or a Midwife or a combination of both. Information is the key to being part of your pregnancy, after all it is you that is going through this incredible time, be informed and enjoy it.

As I have said, a must for any mother to be.


Worth it Whether You're Fit or Not

When I was pregnant recently, I loved this magazine. Even though I was usually too tired to exercise, I enjoyed the articles and information about pregnancy and nutrition. The exercises I did try to do were easy to follow and understand. Very user friendly, and the pictures were realistic as to what pregnant women really look like.
It comes from the same publishers as Shape, which is a point in its favor. Both are top notch magazines in the health and fitness genre. With Fit Pregnancy, a woman just might have a chance to prevent or reduce that post-baby pot belly and get back to her old self a little quicker. I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight and still losing (though I am not reading this pregnancy mag anymore).
I highly recommend this magazine to pregnant or post-partum women.


I love this magazine.

I read Fit Pregnancy all through my first two pregnancies, and now I'm reading it again the third time around. The health and fitness articles are great--very thorough. I agree with the other reviewers about fashion, since that's not a big deal for me. But the rest of the articles make up for it. I learn something new (and important) every time I read an issue. I just wish it was a monthly magazine, instead of bi-monthly.

Good magazine, not enough issues!

I first saw this magazine when I was pregnant with our second child. I spotted it at the grocery store and quickly added it to the cart. Fit Pregnancy looked like a wonderful resource for pregnancy. I couldn't wait to get home and read it.

I was impressed. There are not a lot of magazines that focus primarily on pregnancy. Lots of baby and parenting magazines have some information on pregnancy, but this is one magazine that is mainly about pregnancy. There were great articles on exercising while pregnant, fashionable clothing, recipes and more. There are a ton of advertisements for maternity clothing which was great. I must have called every 800 number for a free catalog. I did have a chuckle at the one maternity outfit that showed a pregnant woman wearing black leather pants! I got a kick out of it because I don't know too many pregnant women (me included) that would spend the money on leather maternity pants. I also enjoyed reading birth stories that women sent in.

The one major drawback is that this magazine is only published four times a year. You can subscribe for 7.99 or pay 3.99 per issue at the store. This magazine is easier to find a bookstores rather than the grocery store.


Makes Pregnancy Look Sexy!

I am going to have to agree with the general consensus here...a quarterly magazine for pregnant women is just not enough issues! That means over the course of a normal pregnancy you only get 2, maybe 3 magazines! Everyone who has ever been pregnant knows that during those 9 months you feel silly reading Vogue or Cosmo and besides that, you are eager to get your hands on every pregnancy-related piece of information out there!
I loved reading Fit Pregnancy magazine. The only problem I have with Fit Pregnancy (and it's nonpreggo counterpart, Shape) is that sometimes it's a little hard to jump right in and get started using their magazine. For instance they will have a 3-page article on a single move. OK, that's fine for someone who wants really killer glutes and nothing else, but 1) I need to work on multiple body parts and 2)I'm too disorganized to remember what was in last month's issue, combine it with this month's exercise and thereby have a whole workout. I would have rather seen more *realistic* exercises and entire routines for women of any level of preggo fitness.
However, the pictures are faboo, and I even enjoy the ads! (Hey when you are pregnant any picture of an attractively dressed pregnant woman is a source of inspiration). All the pregnant women in there are so darn CUTE it just made me happy being pregnant so I could share in their cuteness!
Hopefully, by the time I get pregnant again (Lord willing several years) there will be a monthly or perhaps even biweekly issue of this magazine. Believe me, Dear Publisher, if you sell it, the preggos will buy.


Helpful throughout pregnancy

This magazine was especially helpful during the early months of pregnancy. I loved the resources for stylish maternity clothes. Both the advertisements and the features provide information on where to find clothing and maternity items that helps a pregnant woman maintain a sense of fashion during the next nine months. The exercise tips helped me maintain a healthy tone and attitude during my pregnancy. I enjoyed seeing recognizable women who were also pregnant and reading about their experiences. If you enjoy reading fitness magazines during your non-pregnant state, you will find this to be informative and encouraging resource during your nine months of pregnancy.


A magazine for me!!!

Being very pregnant, I don't enjoy reading Glamour or Cosmopolitan anymore. It just gets me angry, because right now my body isn't even remotely like anyone in those magazines. I was delighted to find a pregnancy magazine at our grocery store.

Finally, people in my situation, thinking my thoughts and experiencing what I am!!! Yippee! There are always gorgeous cover models that are usually famous. The most recent issue I have has Wayne Gretzgy and his very pregnant wife on the cover. I've seen the Victoria's Secret models, Lori Laughlin, Stacy Williams... Quite a few pregnant models.

The articles are really informative, and they vary in topics from early pregnancy to the very end and beyond. Most every issue has included articles about the new baby as well. Every issue is chock full of healthy recipes and exercise tips. There are a lot of advertisements, too - geared towards pregnant women. I find one page to be extremely helpful - they have a page that lists all the web sites of the advertisers and of pregnancy related sites mentioned in the issue.

There are only two real drawbacks to this magazine. It only is published four times a year, and it's not a very thick magazine. I wish they could include more pages - especially for how few times it's published.

All in all, this is a very good magazine for pregnant women and new mothers (and daddies to be!). There aren't very many pregnancy magazines published in the US (I can only think of this one and Pregnancy magazine - which is also a great magazine to read), so anything that is geared towards the pregnant mind is welcome!


Motivational Magazine

Since becoming pregnant with my third child, I have decided to really focus on having a healthy lifestyle. I figure I will need lots of stamina to be pregnant and care for my other children who are ages four and two.

I have been subscribing to this magazine for about 4 months so far. I have found the issues to be very inspiring for me because they show pregnancy in a positive light as an exciting time of your life. The models are real pregnant women and they give updates in later issues on the birth details.

The issues I have read have similar subjects but different areas. For example they cover fitness, nutrition and prenatal care as well as postpartum exercise and baby care. So, while some articles may not be relevant now you can reread them after you deliver.

The only drawbacks with the magazine is that it is really limited to being read while you are pregnant or have recently had a baby. Then you would probably want to switch to a parenting magazine such as Parents or Parenting.


I want more issues!

I really wish this magazine was published monthly because I usually get through it so quickly and I can't wait for another one!

I enjoy the exercise tips and pointers. They are easy to follow and usually not to difficult to do. I don't have to worry about the safety of the exercises since this is such a reputable magazine.

The fashion is always good too although the clothes they show, like most magazines, are a bit out of my price range.

They often profile a celebrity who is expecting which is always interesting to compare my own pregnancy with.

The recipes are also delicious and easy to make and follow, and of course healthy! Overall this is a great magazine, entertaining and informative.