Reviews For Family Fun Magazine

Family Fun offers lots of ideas for anyone!

I adore this fun filled, activity packed magazine for families. There are many crafts for different ages and I like the articles too! I have only read the last three magazines as its a new subscription, but I can honestly say there's a lot to it. I thought I would share a few examples from the May 2000 issue with you so you can have a taste of what's so wonderful about Family Fun.

Family Fun Home:
These are ideas on how to make your home more attractive and appealing to the kids. I love the game table in the kids bedroom (where you arrange different items on a child's sized wooden table, apply/glue them on with a solution of glue and water with a paintbrush. They used items such as monopoly money, puzzle pieces, coins, sequins, and cards. Then, once the glue is dry, carefully pour on high gloss finish such as EnviroTex Lte Brand and let dry) In the May issue, in this section you will also find instructions for these ideas for the bedroom:
-Pocket Curtains
-Eclectic Mobile
-Colored Lamp Shades
-Changeable Chair Upholstery
-Glow in the Dark Murals
-Decorated Drawer Knobs
-Cool Hairstyling Station

In addition to the bedroom, there are also wonderful and practical ideas for:
-Building a Backyard Playhouse
-Organizing your kitchen, family room and family information center to ensure that it is family friendly!


Since their interest is on families and kids, their travel information is targeted towards kid friendly places and hot tips! This issue covered Chicago and gave a brief journal of the kids and their reaction to the different places they toured. (Licoln Park Zoo, Navy Pier, Sears Tower, Riding in the Cab and so on)

They also had an article called Great little Beach towns which covered three major beach towns and included why the families like that area. I liked this article and it sparked a few new ideas for travel, later on down the road.


Their mothers day section was wonderful, plus they included lots of easy to follow ideas for creating special Mother's Day gifts for mom. Hint, hint. Honey, are you reading this...

They had one page on Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May, celebration originated in Mexico) and some ideas on how to get into the festive spirit!


I love all the ideas that readers submit! They are wonderful and usually include photographs! The book is loaded with information, too much to describe here.


I like the idea of all the crafts and activities. I am not extremely talented in the arts and craft department, yet I feel comfortable with the instructions given in Family Fun. This magazine encourages families to spend time together doing things...not just taking in a movie, but actually creating something together. The easy instructions, the cool ideas that my kids all adds up to fun!


A Magazine For The Whole Family

One of the most sought after chores at our household is, who gets to check the mail. I've had to make a list of whose it each day. One of the main reasons that everyone likes to get the mail (except for dear old dad cause all he gets are the bills) is to be the first one to get to read our Family Fun magazine.

I subscribed for this magazine about four years ago when my son was selling magazine subscriptions for a fund raiser thru his school. With the first issue, we were all hooked. It includes regular articles such as the Mailbox, which is little tidbits sent in by customers about everything from crafts to past issue article responses, Review Roundup, which covers reviews on books,videos,music and software for kids and families. They divide this up according to age, and they even have a new releases list. Other regular articles include Family Fun Hot Line, this is where you submit ideas.

They always have a wonderful Travel article for the summertime vacation, that shows pictures of places to visit and what type of trip that it would be, tips for traveling with kids, games to play, and what as well as how to pack.

Family Fun sponsored a Friendship Day contest a few years back. Kids from all over the US and Canada wrote an essay about their best friend, and what makes them your best friend. My son was one of the lucky winners of an all expense paid trip for him, his best friend, and a parent for each of them to Walt Disney World. It was a most fabulous trip and the kind that dreams are made of! Family Fun is always sponsoring contests and of course, my kids like to get involved. In submitting to the contests, it gets the kids involved in family things, whether they win or not.

I highly recommend this magazine to to everyone, whether they have children or not.


Aptly Named

Never before have I seen a magazine so aptly named as Family Fun magazine. The names speaks for itself, really, but I guess I should tell you a little more about it.

I distinctly remember receiving my first issue in the mail 3 years ago Christmas. I'm not one to sit down and read an entire magazine in one sitting, but Family Fun changed that for me. I eagerly await every month for my issue to arrive. I charge back to the house, ready to sit down for at least an hour of "Idea Search", as I call. The pages become dog-earred as I mark articles for later use. When I'm finished reading it, my son snatches it from my hands, embarking upon his own "Idea Search".

Each months issue is bursting with fantastic ideas, reviews, and helpful tips. Just about anything you are looking for can be found within the covers of this wonderful magazine. Each month you will find articles and ideas from topics such as Activities and Games, Crafts, Food and Recipes, Reviews of the latest books, movies, software, and video, and it's all here, in one easy to read magazine! WOW!

My children and I have tried various projects from the pages of Family Fun. Perhaps the most useful article I found (and have nearly tattered the pages) was about themed parties. My son, totally into Knights and Castles, decided he wanted this to be the theme for his Birthday party. And where should we find direction on how to make a castle cake? Yep, you guessed it, family fun. The cake was a hit, and Mom was a hero. I love a magazine that can do THAT for me.

I've read several other family related magazine--Parent, Parenting, Crayola Kids, and Highlights, and while they all have merit of their own, none can compare to Family Fun for amazing ideas, practical suggestions, and beneficial reviews. Find out for yourself how fun Family Fun can be.


Family Fun Magazine: Awesome magazine if you have kids--I just subscribed today!!

As a homeschool mother, I'm constantly on the lookout for great new ideas. Children get bored with the same craft activities, so new magazines often give me a great new idea. Sometimes, I'll even find an interesting science activity, or educational website.

When I saw Family Fun, I grabbed it immediately. I had never seen this magazine before, and the headlines sounded pretty intriguing. They were a bit different than your average Parents or Parenting Magazine, and I thought that might have something for me.

Here's a sample right off the September 2001 cover:

o Get Ready for School: 18 ways to start the year off right
o Spark your child's curiosity: 12 learning activities
o After-school snacks in 10 minutes
o Math Magic: Fun Games and Brainteaser

So I just threw it in my grocery cart, and off I went.
Later that day, I found the magazine and curled up on the couch. A quick glimpse through the magazine got my hopes up, and I soon discovered that this was a gold mine! Finally, an imaginative, creative magazine that seemed to be written just for me!

Oh, is it hard to find great kids crafts. Often, you'll find decent ideas that require too much skill, or expensive materials. But this was just right. Unique crafts that looked nice, and the kids really wanted to make.

I was very excited to see the page entitled, "Make-believe Lunch". This colorful spread showed all sorts of great "pretend" foods that your children make with clay, spongy foam, sponges and markers. The ideas were so simple that even a three year old can do it (with assistance); but they looked nice enough that even our 10 year old neighbor wanted to try it out! Best of all, these projects looked durable and realistic, and children would love to use them in their play kitchens (watch out for small pieces, though!).

This issue also included several other crafts, including "friend magnets", trading laces, super decoder, picture pals and a buddy banner. All of these were easy, inexpensive, and would delight your younger and older kids.

The Cooking section also seemed incredibly awesome. They called it, "A step by step guide to teaching your kids to cook". This easy to understand article offered tons of very simple recipes to delight your children. Unfortunately for me, all these recipes had a "peanut butter" theme (we are extremely allergic to peanut butter), so I wasn't pleased with that... but everyone else will be sure to love it!

This issue includes a ton of really fun activities that will teach your kids, too. (This magazine focused on public/private school kids, but even homeschoolers will find this incredibly useful). There are a ton of math puzzles, fun ways that your kids can learn more about math.

One puzzle has your child create a string of beads (teaches them about number sequences). Another offers fun facts about mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and his discovery about the correlation between a particular number sequences and nature (bet even you don't know this one!). They'll learn about tessellations and hexagons, and building with toothpicks and gumdrops. There are a ton more, and your child will probably find a few to enjoy.

The main articles also offer great tips that you can actually use. They include information on getting sleepy kids out of bed, traveling with your family, attending fall festivals, un-boring your children and using the internet for homework research.

Their "Issue at a Glance" lists 25 Activities and Game, 1 article on homework websites, 1 back-to-school contest, 12 different crafts, 23 recipes, 19 articles on ideas to make your life easier, numerous reviews on audio-books-software-and-videos, and 41 different places to go around the country. There's something for everyone in here, and you'll be sure to enjoy it.

To summarize, I'd like to say that this is a great magazine! These activities are realistic for kids, and you'll find a ton of great tips that actually apply to you! Pick one up, and see for yourself.


Family Fun Magazine #1

The FamilyFun magazine is one of the best magazines that I have ever subscribed to. I have subscribed to them for three years now (actually just lapsed so I have been getting them at the store until I remember to get my subcription back out - hate that) and hate to miss an issue. I even keep a library of all the issues I ever got for referencing art projects and places to visit while traveling.

This magazine includes many pluses. My favorite is the arts and crafts section and the occaisional birthday party ideas section. There is usually a project for each age group and they are always fun and easy to do. I also enjoy there Travel section which spot lights a different place, or two, each month. This section is very thourough and includes great photos. They have even had itineraries (spelling) for some places before to follow on your vacation.

The is also a small section covering books and videos and telling what is good and bad about them. This section is also pretty thourough.

I have told tons of people about this magazine resulting in them all subscribing. They have all told me later how they couldn't live without this magazine. I have never had anyone disappointed. It really is a great magazine. Just a note though, it is really geared for parents with older children, say 4 and up. There are occaisionally sections for younger children but not generally.

Subscribe to this one, you will be glad you did.


Endless Family Fun

With this magazine in the house, no child can ever voice the complaint, "I'm bored!" Parental input is of course a necessity, but this magazine is loaded with fun and educational things to do.

The travel section features a calendar of fun family events that are taking part in different states. Travel tips help with long car ride boredom, how and what to pack, as well as a variety of safety features to implement when traveling with children. Featured destinations are always unique, family-friendly, affordable, and generally offer an educational slant as well.

The "My Great Idea" section is a creative project the whole family can enjoy. From building a play fort to organizing and hosting a carnival, this column features a major "great idea" as well as smaller suggestions sent in by readers.

I have never found as many craft ideas in any publication as this magazine offers. Seasonal themes, holidays, and birthday party crafts are featured with simple instructions. Most of them required materials that are readily available and inexpensive. I have used literally a dozen or more ideas from this magazine as class crafts at the elementary school where I volunteer.

A food section features nutritional information and recipes that kids will both enjoy and can make themselves (with adult assistance). Cookie cutter sandwiches, and a delicious vegetarian chili are among the recipes I've used over and over again with my family.

A computer section profiles kid-friendly and educational software and games. A book section describes the latest in children's literature, videos, and CD's.

This magazine is published monthly, and as a subscriber I pay about a dollar a month, which is a significant savings over the newsstand price.

I eagerly anticipate this magazine each month. Sometimes I have to hide it away for a few days so I'm able to enjoy the articles before my kids are relentlessly coaxing me to begin a new "Family Fun" craft, project, or recipe.


Best Family Magazine Around

I chanced upon this magazine a few years ago while babysitting at one of the Disney hotels. I have loved it from that first copy and immediately sent in my subscription card--I have been a subscriber for about 5+ years.
The magazine is owned by Disney's publishing arm, so, if you trust Disney with your family vacations or movies, you will probably love it as much as I do.

Each issue has departments including: Mailbox, My Great Idea--readers share ideas that their families use, Family Traveler, Cooking Class, Reviews--from books, videos to software. Along with these articles, you get seasonal information and ideas (costumes at Halloween, Decorations at Christmas) for crafts and activities that can keep your family together and happy. They also do a pretty good job of including minority cultural information so those readers aren't left out and the rest of us benefit from the education. They also try to address activities and concerns of all ages of kids from toddlers to preteens.

While I do not have kids, this magazine has been a way for me to stay in touch with things that are important to my nephews and nieces. More than that, it has made me the favorite Aunt in the family!


Family Fun is Really Fun!

Family Fun is a fantastic magazine, I would dare say the best of its kind.

Family Fun is geared towards families interested in meal preparation, instructional advice for children learning to cook, holiday crafts and travel information.

The magazine, unlike other crafting magazines (such as Martha Stewart Living and Home Companion, which provide beautiful crafts, themselves) provides parents with crafting ideas that are neither costly or complex. In a recent issue, a craft project was based on the idea of making "pretend" food out of common household objects so that young children can pretend to make a diner. This was a great article for parents of young children. The crafts used some household products as well as a few craft store items that can be purchased at ant department store.

The recipes are great also. They are healthy, posting nutritional content and even feature seasonal ingredients. In the latest issue, there was an article on soup suppers, providing hearty soup recipes, with a healthy starch combination. My personal favorite, is the feature that is geared towards "kids in the kitchen" with recipes aimed at children doing the food preparation with minimal parental involvement. This is a great way to encourage kids to cook.

The holiday features are great as well. For Halloween, they offer homemade costumes that usually require no-sew techniques. The costumes are not shabby, but rather adorable. Some creative ideas featured a "bubble bather" and a "super-kid" along with the traditional witch.

Throughout each issue, the magazine features family destinations for day trips as well as week long getaways that welcome families. Again, I like this feature.

Lastly, I appreciate the tone of the magazine. Without being political (think Rosie's magazine) Family Fun addresses some cultural topics and events with discretion. This factor I appreciate terribly, as I do not share the same polictical agendas as much of Hollywood or even the media.

Finally, I understand that Disney is a affiliated with Family Fun, but you wouldn't know it by reading the magazine. In that, I mean that Disney is not spotlighted throughout the issues. This is refreshing, as well.


Family Fun

Family fun is a wonderful magazine for parents and children. I like the whole magazine from cover to cover. I don't have a favorite part it is all entertaining, fun and informative. I have subscribed to Family fun for 2 years and will continue to.

My sons favorite part of Family Fun are the crafts. We just got the newest magazine last week and my son is anxious to start Valentines crafts. Every month there are crafts with a specific theme like valentines, Christmas etc... They are fun and easy to understand.

I think the best part of the Family Fun magazine is the closeness my family get's from it. We all sit on the couch and look at the pages and talk about it. I read it later when my kids aren't yelling turn that page back! Look mom!


Family Fun

I have subscribed to several family magazines since becoming a mother. I am always on the lookout for new and creative ideas to spend time with my children.
I found the perfect magazine about two years ago. My sister sent it to me as a gift and I was immediately hooked.
This magazine is jam-packed with ideas. Everything from crafts to meals to holiday ideas.
We have made birdfeeders, windchimes, playdoh, and all types of neat snacks by using this magazine.
The crafts are for a variety of age groups, which is helpful when you have children from toddlers to preteens.
Each month they have a section on the hottest vacation spots all over the country. Its a great tool for planning that once in a life time vacation or the weekend getaway.