Reviews For Discover Magazine


Discover has always captivated me with its simple, easy to understand articles but in-depth thought. An excellent choice for people who might actually want to understand a science magazine.

Discover Magazine

The mix of articles is always balanced. Some articles are short, others are long. That fits my typical magazine reading - I browse when it first arrives, then take more time for the in-depth articles. Some articles are easy reading, some are more arcane, I like that mix, as well. I really appreciate reading about the most recent theories then reading valid criticisms.

Great for people who love biology and psychology!

I enjoy reading the articles and blurbs which are written so that a layperson, or ignorant reader with some knowledge of the social sciences, can understand. Great for those who enjoy science but need some help getting comfortable with the subject.

Discover magazine

Bought this subscription for Discover magazine for my 90 year old mother. She said it keeps her "sharp as a tack"!

Great magazine

If you're into science, this is a good magazine for you. Great pictures, interesting articles-I've been getting it for as long as I can remember.

Discover Magazine Brings Real Science to us Dummies

This was quite a purchase...for 9.95 you got a year's subscription of Discover. The magazine is well written, fairly accurate, and has a lot of excellent photography. It's a bit cluttered with ads, but the content is still very good. I recommend it for undergrad and high school science students especially - it's always good to get enthused about your subject in a way that doesn't involve the classroom.

Short & sweet

Very nice learning tool for my homeschool teens. Provides new & interesting info in a short & sweet format.Variety of subject matter.

Discover magazine rocks!

I love Discover magazine. It tells you all the latest science news slightly "dumbed down" a bit so that the average person can understand.

Great Magazine for the Armchair Scientist

This is one of the few magazines to which I've ever subscribed. It's one of the best sources available for up-to-date information about scientific developments, without requiring a Ph. D. to understand it. The only problem I have is finding enough time to read all the interesting articles.

Discover Discover

A great magazine. Gives a good insight of current scientific developments. It is geared for the average reader so professionals might find it a bit light. If you're like me and want to know what's going on in the world of science it's great read.