Reviews For Discover Magazine

Very interesting magazine

I decided to try this magazine because I just like to learn new things. It really is a very interesting magazine - you learn about things that normally don't come up in day-to-day conversations. Sure, there are a couple things that are completely over my head, but hey, if it comes up in a conversation I can always say "yeah, I read an article on that!"

great magazine, interesting and fun

good introduction to new science topics. very interesting, covers all realms of sciences. if you want very in depth coverage of specific topics this isn't for you but it's a good overview of new studies and good for prompting your own further investigation.

Great reading

So far, I have found Discover Magazine to have some very interesting articles. Current, scientific, and with sufficient detail and depth for understanding. I'm pleased with this purchase.

Information Loaded

I have been receiving the Discover magazine for years and I love every issue. I have learned so much about so many things by reading every issue from cover to cover.


As a retired engineer as well as a would-be scientist, I thoroughly enjoy this magazine which gives us a taste of all of the sciences from Astronomy to Zoology without being too deep like we often see in scientific journals. As the title of the magazine reflects, we are clued in on all of the discoveries constantly being made.

If I could only have one magazine.....

This is my favorite of all. When I get it out of the mailbox, my wife says.."Goodnight". She knows I am going to bed to read it.

Excellent Deal!!

I got an excellent deal for Discover magazines through the ' daily lightning deals' section. You should check this out, you might catch something for a price you hardly imagined.

Discover magazine is thought provoking

If you are into science and want to know the cutting edge technologies that are shaping our world then Discover magazine deserves a serious look. I have been a subscriber to the publications for years and have never been disappointed in the articles they write. A must read of a magazine if you truly want to keep abreast of the science and technologies that are changing our everyday lives.


As a journalist in little old Denmark I can't stop to admire the wonderfull in-dept-writing about "new and old" things. You'r allways a litte bit wiser when you have spent just a couple of minutes with the journalist's in Discover. It's just so .. good.

Good Coverage

I used to subscribe to Scientific America, Technology Review, and a couple more "technical" publications. More and more they were not getting read. I just don't have the time to read them all and some of the writing was a little too in depth and technical. Discover is a good magazine that covers all the topics I am interested in all in one place without getting too deep. If you like the Discover Channel and stuff like that, you will like this magazine.