Reviews For Discover Magazine

Very informative journal

I enjoy this magazine a lot. It takes me a little time to get through it due to the limited time for reading at my disposal, but I try to read every article. I find that often in the shorter articles there will be an on-going discussion of some topic that has caught my eye in an earlier number, which helps me understand the development of a scientific project. I'm particularly impressed with the interviews with specific scientists on their research. It allows one to understand the person as well as his work, bringing scientists into a social perspective for the reader. The discussion of specific medical conditions is particularly interesting, since I am a nurse, and enjoy following the efforts to diagnose the patient's symptoms. A great learning experience and a very informative journal.

Science for the lamen

I am neither an educator or a student. I simply enjoy learning about the world around me. This magazine was perfect for me. It explains what's going on in all genres of science in a detailed but not overly technical way. I thoroughly enjoy it and usually finish it within the first two days of getting it. I can't wait to get the next issue.

Best Magazine Ever

Discover is the perfect magazine for people who love science - but aren't scientists themselves. Every issue has such a vast array of topics: biology, astronomy, physics, psychology, etc., and each article is simple and concise enough for anyone to comprehend. It's a smorgasbord for the brain.

discover Magazine-- A popular review of science as it affects us.

Great Magazine; timely articles; good pop culture review of science in our every day lives; stretches sometimes into the "what-if" areas, which expands your thinking. A "must-have" for everyone mildly interested in all of the sciences, but trying to keep a grasp on the day to day news, as well.

Its a magazine ABOUT science

Discover magazine is truly unique among the "science" magazine fray. While other science mags focus on the discoveries themselves, Discover focuses on the process of science, the politics of science, the potential ramifications of discoveries and how very unobjective and unquestioned assumptions about the world cause scientists to ask certain questions or make judgements about certain results. I guess I am saying that Discover is maybe the only "postmodern" science mag out there. That is not to say that one will not learn a lot of cool science facts while reading Discover. But Discover doesnt stop with "just the facts". It never fails to look at science and discoveries in the larger context.

The amazing thing is that it does all of this in a most readable, educating, and entertaining way - and that a magazine with that kind of approach is available at the middle-America supermarket.

My favorite magazine.....

I'm not a scientist, but I absolutely love learning about almost everything. Animal behavior, human behavior, health, astronomy, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, differences between the way a male brain reacts vs female brain, bacteria, insects, ocean life, mummies, fossils, hurricanes...there was an article not too long ago about a project using worker trees, willows and poplars, to clean contaminated water. One time or another all these topics & lots, lots more have been covered in Discover Magazine. There's a huge variety of interesting topics every month & a few great photos, too. *If only I could remember all that I read* Many articles are quick reads, only one column long, some are 1/2 page, some only a paragraph, others range from 1-4 pages long. The articles are written in layman's terms which I consider easy to read and understand.

After subscribing to a variety of magazines through the years, I've settled on a couple that I will never be without. Discover magazine is my favorite.

very interesting

I bought this for my son, but I had a hard time putting it down...Articles are packed with information in a clear, concise, understandable way, and the topics covered vary widely. I would highly recommend this magazine for anyone over 12 with a curious mind.

A Great Science Magazine for the Lay Person

This magazine is a great way to keep up with recent scientific trends and research if you are not a scientist and don't like a lot of technical journals. Its less technical than Scientific American, but it's interesting and informative without being boring. My husband, my 14yr old, my 70+ old father, and I can find something interesting and enjoyable to read in it.

For the Curious at Heart

This is not just for science geeks. It's for anyone with a natural sense of curiosity about the world and life around them. Lots of great pictures, writing, and ideas.

Great magazine with interesting and relevant topics!

I am just a average high school student who is very interested in science. Discover magizine satisfys my curiousity perfectly, with a ton of well written, interesting articles about all sorts of topics. Astrology does seem to be a dominate topic but all sorts of things are covered with ease. What's great about this magazine is that it has articles regular people can read and understand. It explains topics before it jumps into them so you can really get a understanding of the article. However, it hasn't lost it's credability with scientists worldwide. Highly recomended over Popular Science!