Reviews For Cosmopolitan Magazine

Can't Beat the Price!!!

I grew up reading my mother's Cosmo of course it is nothing but the best for women - and men too lol. I got the year subscription for a STEAL!!!!! Great magazine, great price!


Awesome, I mean I usually spend that much for one issue. You can't beat the price.

Great deal!

Extremely quick response, wonderful value, nothing to complain about at all.

I plan to come back for any other subscriptions I need in the future, best deal on the web!

great read

I've been a reader for... wow, 10 years now. Started reading as a teen so i guess it has been that long. Some articles can get redundant but still worth it.

Way good price

My Fiancee already gets this so i renewed it here for a fraction of the price. with the promotion it was only 15 for 2 years. the auto renewal was going to cost me 27 for one year. Saved us lots of money.


Let me start by saying that this is the best magazine ever. I always look foward to getting mine,if your are undecided between this magazine and another don't waste your money and time get this one.They have a lot of interesting articles,great fashion advice,celebrity scoop,great pics and what they are known for their monthly sex advice....and so much more. It's impossible to put down it's so good it's addicting.TRUST ME YOU WON'T REGRET GETTING IT!!!!!!

If you listened to me you must know how great it is already.So it's that time again my subscription is almost up and yup I'm subscribing for another year.

Great deal for an awesome magazine

This is a great price for this magazine. I really enjoy getting it in the mail every month.

Good for a laugh

Cosmo is great, the sex articles entertain my honey, and the confessions usually give me a good laugh!!

top magazine for single women of all ages

In my opinion, this is the very best magazine for single women. Sure, it's full of ads. Sure, it's not as good as it used to be. Sure, some of the stuff is brain candy. There is some really good advice within the articles. Great relationship info that will help you be a strong woman and create the life you want and deserve.

Cosmo, Great Magazine.

I am happy with my monthly Cosmo magazine, keeps me up on new cosmetics
and ideas for fashion.