Reviews For Cosmopolitan Magazine

I love my Cosmo

I love Cosmo magagzine and have been reading it for years. It is the only magazine that is interesting enough to make my cardio workout at the gym fly by. Every month it has a different celebrity interview. There are articles on such a wide variety of subjects that you should be able to find plenty to interest you. There are funny little vignette's at the beginning of the magazine, celebrity gossip, info on love and sex, health issues, relationship problems, true life stories, make up and hair tips, a cosmo quiz, a novel exerpt, your horoscope and so much more. This magazine covers a wide range of topics that are all geared towards women. I have been a subscriber for years and recently gave my sister a gift subscription. I highly recommend this magazine.

I love Cosmo!!

I don't understand why every review for Cosmo is the same...people saying how much they hate it. I've been reading it religiously for almost 10 years now, first buying it each month at the grocery store, and then finally subscribing to it, and I have to say, I love it!! I breathlessly await each issue. They aren't all the same, as some of you say, and anyway, nobody is forcing you to read it. If you don't like it, just stop reading it, but don't blast it. Its an American classic, and the real American woman was built on cosmo.

cosmopolitan magazine

very informative, and came right on time too didn't have to wait forever for it.

Girlie Mag

I started getting my subscription within a few weeks. I've read about other people having problems getting them, but this didn't happen to me. I got a great price too, so I'm happy!

I Love Cosmo

I got this magazine CHEAP! I mean for the price of 1 magazine. It came right on time & I'm just happy I saved so much money.

Just As Is

This magazine comes just as described. Nothing different than a regular subscription. It was a great price and I am very happy with my purchase!


i love this magazine, mainly for the fashion and periodically for the fun date ideas, and the short easy recipes found inside. this magazine shows some of the cutest clothes. for all you girlie girls, it also has makeup ideas. i personally don't care for the sex tips, i mean , seriously, i think that should be targeted for an altogether magazine, but hey , i guess some girls need those..........anyway, this is one of my favorite magazines and has been for years.

Love it!

I love Cosmo its has great tips for loving your other half and is different from the other ones that are full of ads, great mag

Fiance' Loved it!

I ordered this for my fiance' and she loved it. She didn't want to pay the cover price and I found a deal that got her 1 year for less than 1 magazine.

Cosmopolitian Magazine renewal subscription

What a great price for a great magazine!I love cosmo magazine.It has all the latest fashion and great stories,as well as great beauty tips!