Reviews For Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmo in the new year!

I got my first Cosmo before anticipated. I'm so excited to get such a great deal! :)


I love this magazine! I have been following Cosmopolitan since I was in high school.The articles are very informative and unique.Keep up the good work Cosmo!

Solid Gift

I bought this for my girlfriend as a present. For the price it was a great little surprise gift.

Love it!

I really enjoy Cosmo! They have some great advice and interesting stories. It is a great magazine.

Gotta Love Cosmo!

Who doesn't love Cosmo! Great articles and the price for the 1yr subsciption was great!

Cosmo Mag

I usually buy this mag, but decided to subscribe. My daughter and I both love it. I will renew.

My favorite magazine!

How can you go wrong with a years subscription to Cosmo for just barely over the cost of ONE issue? NO complaints here!

Good Mindless read

When picking up a magazine I enjoy the fact that this will not make me think. That is one of the many reason's I love cosmo. It alos offers some fun (if not funny) advice on everything from fashion to love. Don't base your life on this mag girls, but it will be a pleasant read. Also for the online price, its hard to pass up on. Also good reads are Instyle (for the more fashion focus girl) and Elle (If you like cosmo but want something a little bit less about sex)
All and all, its really worth it

Good gift

I decided to get this for a friend who enjoys having magazines around her apartment to pass some of the time. The first issue arrived in a fairly short amount of time. In short, I would say that it was appreciated by someone who wants to have light reading periodically.

Fun read

If you love cute horoscopes, little take at home tests, advice on love and relationship - this magazine is great for you. You get ideas about latest fashion and makeup and hair styles and other things. Fun read, recommend it to everyone.