Reviews For Cooking Light Magazine


I love this magazine! The recipes are the best! My family never knows what's for dinner because we never have the same thing.

Not just for dieters...

I bought this magazine for myself and for my parents because I bought Cooking Light off the rack at the store, and ended up using almost every single recipe in it! My mom has diabetes, so she found it a great help and was also nicely surprised to find that the recipes actually taste good (and use common ingredients). I highly recommend Cooking Light, not only because it's easy to read, the food looks appealing and is mostly very easy to prepare, but because my family and I all love it.

Great Magazine!

I purchased this as a gift for a birthday. I love this magazine and know it's a great gift for someone who loves to cook.

Great Looking Mag

We haven't gotten the first issue yet, but I've looked through this magazine before and it looked like it had some good recipes.

Always looks forward to this one in the mail

Cooking light has great recipes. I really love the format of the recipes and the beautiful pictures. I find this magazine extremely inspiring to actually get me to the kitchen to make something extra special. There is also a great variety of healthy foods.


One of the best cooking magazines on the market. I have been a subscriber since 1989. The recipes are clear, easy to do, and seldom do I get an issue with less than 5 to 10 recipes my family would enjoy.

A Pretty Good Gift

This was purchased as a gift for one of my granddaughters, who is an excellent cook. She gives it a two-thumbs up.

The Lighter Side of Cooking

"Cooking Light" is an excellent magazine offering a variety of health tips, recipes, and travel suggestions. A couple of years ago, they did a special feature of a different "Top 10 Healthiest City",from Boston to Portland,Oregon along with Seattle. There are exercise tips. Their vegetarian section has had recipes from greats like Marcus Samuelsson, showing off veggie dishes from his native Ethiopia. "Cooking Light" offers a healthful lifestyle in its pages!

The best cooking magazine

I have been subscribing to this magazine for a number of years and it really is the best. Most recipes are easy to follow and you can feel good knowing that every dish you make is healthy. Even better, once you read the great articles and recipes, you can go to their website to read the recipe reviews and suggestions from other readers.

great buy!

I have subscribed to CL for a year now and just renewed. I really enjoy this magazine and read it cover to cover every month. I have yet to make a recipe from there that my boyfriend and I have not enjoyed. I also like how they show you how to lighten up your favorite foods. Each recipe includdes a caloric and nutrient breakdown, which is great if you are dieting.