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Love This Magazine!

I wasnt sure which one to order when I scanning the magazines on sale one night - and I sure picked a good one! I love these and the pictures are plentiful on the dishes, instructions are easy enough to try stuff and they dont have too much "fancy" where I cant even enjoy the content. They also have just the right amount of advertising in my opinion... stuff for the kitchen/gadgets or whatever here and there... nothing overpowering! Love it!

Love this magazine

I love cooking and this magazine always has great recipes. It also has nice articles about many things. Mary Griffith, FL

Gift Subscription

This magazine is a gift for my daughter. I hope she likes it. I also hope she doesn't read this, because then she won't be surprised when she starts getting it next year.

Best Magazine

Although I haven't started getting my Cooking Light magazine yet, I have been a long time subscriber. This is my favorite magazine. It has lots and lots of great light recipes. It also has health, diet and exercise tips. If I could only get one magazine, it would be Cooking Light.

I bought 5 of these

for an xmas gift for my sisters and they have enjoyed them and the price I paid made me happy

for a friend

this subscription is for a friend and she hasn't said how she likes it yet. I am sure she will, I like mine....

Cooking Light Magazine helps me make healthy and tasty dishes

Cooking Light is a great magazine to pick up at the newsstand or get a subscription to if you are looking for ideas, hints and recipes that help you make healthier meals. Each monthly issue (save for their one bi-monthly issue) gives you articles that talk about ways to be healthier – from cooking methods to exercising. Along with those articles, there are plenty of recipes to make many day-to-day dishes in a healthier way.

What I really like about Cooking Light is how by reading the magazine, you can get a much better idea of what you can do to your own recipes to make them more healthy. From adding ground flax seed to substituting yogurt for some other ingredients, Cooking Light has plenty of suggestions that really make a difference in your meals while making sure that they still taste good.

Who's the magazine written for?

Here's where my only real complaint about Cooking Light is. As a man who is trying to live and eat healthier to avoid health problems, I am very interested in ways of cooking to reduce the fat and increase the nutritional value of my meals (while keeping them tasty). While this magazine does a good job at providing that information, it's definitely written for a decidedly feminine readership. My guess is that the target demographic for this magazine is 30 to 40 year old women who are trying to diet, lose weight and eat healthier.

Thus as a guy reading this magazine, some of the articles, especially more of the health ones, which are geared towards women, are articles that I just glance over or ignore. In addition, the advertising is definitely geared more towards a female audience.

That said, if you're a guy looking for ideas for healthy eating, Cooking Light is still a great option, just be aware that you're not who the magazine was really written for.

What you find in an issue...

As you would expect with any commercial magazine, Cooking Light first and foremost is filled with plenty of advertisements. I'd guess in any issue (which runs about 250 pages long) about a third to a half of the magazine is devoted to these ads which generally advertise cooking products and other housewares.

The magazine usually features five to six different 'cover' stories that are generally a mix of articles and recipes. These features are usually geared towards the time of the year that the issue is published. For those months without the seasonal fare, usually there's an overriding topic for the issue that's explored through the articles. Topics have included spring foods, summer grilling, pizza and holiday meals.

The rest of the magazine is broken down into a couple of different editorial sections that include the “first light” section, “Healthy Living” and “Food and Recipes.” In addition to those sections, which generally consist of a number of different stories and articles, there's the “In Every Issue” which is much the same as you'll find in any other magazine and includes the letter from the Editor, a look at what's available on the Cooking Light website, letters from readers, and an index to the recipes in the issue.

The “first light” section which is right up front, is a collection of quick news, tips, hints, and suggestions that center around menu planning, cooking and overall health. It's actually a pretty handy section and is a nice way to get a quick roundup of a bunch of different kinds of information.

The “Healthy Living” section is generally one that I either skim or skip over, since the majority of the stories are geared towards healthy living for women. While I always skip over the beauty articles, there are some articles, especially the ones of eating smart and healthy traveling that I do tend to at least skim over or for an interesting story, stop and read through.

In the “Food and Recipes” section of the magazine, you'll find the vast majority of recipes and cooking ideas in each issue. Articles include stories on vegetarian dishes, dinner ideas, holiday meals, fast meals and more. The articles are a mix of stories and recipes – with the recipes being more front and center and the stories weaving around the recipes.

What I like

I really like all the recipes that this magazine provides. I might not make them all, but they do give me a starting point to either make the meal that's featured, or go and modify my own recipes with more healthy elements. I also like some of the stories, especially the ones of trying to eat more healthy. I have spent the last 2 years really trying to be as healthy conscious as I can and a magazine like this really helps by providing real world examples of healthy eating.

Nothing presented in Cooking Light is overly confusing or difficult to eat and the vast majority of the food listed in the magazine is something that I would cook and something that I, along with my partner would eat.


I've used the recipes provided in the magazine verbatim and also used the ideas and suggestions in issues to modify my own recipes. The results, especially when it comes to the recipes right of the magazine have always been good. With my own recipe jiggering, the results haven't always been perfect, but that's more me just figuring out exactly how to apply the suggestion to whatever I am cooking.

I'd suggest that if you're just going to make the recipes out of the magazine, no one with basic cooking skills should have any problem. Those who are trying to apply the cooking ideas and suggestions to their own recipes though may have to go through some trial and error to get things to work out just right.

Final Thoughts

Besides being more geared towards women then men, I really like Cooking Light. It provides me with plenty of new recipes for various meals and dishes and more importantly it gives me ideas to modify what I'm already making in a more healthy way.

I think the magazine is well worth a subscription or a purchase at the newsstand. Anyone looking for ways to make their diet and their lifestyle more healthy probably won't be disappointed.


Recommended For: Anyone

Can I eat the picture on the cover?

It never fails, I am in the checkout line with my cart of groceries and I see the Cooking Light cover and I start to drool. I would trade my cart full of groceries right then for whatever wonderful food featured on that month's cover.

My husband learned over a year ago that he had dangerously high cholesterol and since then we have drastically changed our eating habits. I love to cook and sometimes miss those fat-laden recipes that I used to cook. Cooking Light has the answer. It has lighter versions of some wonderful recipes. It also has inspiration, food doesn't have to be bad for you to look and taste wonderful.

Some of the recipes aren't as "light" as we would like, but they are appealing and each recipe has a nutritional breakdown to help make choices.

There are also fitness, beauty and travel articles, so it isn't all about cooking, but these features are well done and usually tied into the theme of a healthy lifestyle.

There is a very good mix of recipes. Some are very simple things to make for the weekday supper and others are a bit fancier. There is always at least one recipe in each issue that I have to add to my recipe collection.
I don't think I can resist the Grilled Sourdough Cheddar Melt on this month's cover...


Cooking Light is cooking good

If you didn't know the name of this magazine was Cooking Light, you wouldn't realize that the recipes are good for you.

Instead of using yucky no-fat substitutions to make over formerly good recipes, Cooking Light just emphasizes moderation and overall healthy eating. If a recipe needs a little sugar or real dairy products for flavor, they're not afraid to use it. They just don't go overboard with it. One issue I bought even had a feature on cooking with heavy cream - but not enough to seriously clog your arteries.

More recent issues I've seen are a vast improvement over the magazine in the past. If it's been a few years since you've picked up a copy, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Each issue is much thicker now, and the great photos are supported by articles that are more in-depth, informative and well-written. It's got a little less flash and more substance without sacrificing too much style. The old version was definitely a feast for the eyes, but the revamped magazine will stimulate your mind as well.

If you want recipes, there are tons in every issue. There are healthier takes on old-fashioned recipes and plenty of modern healthy inventions like creative salads, sautees and grilled items. Flavors from around the world are also well-represented. It seems everyone eats healthier than we Americans! The key is, if it doesn't taste good, it's not in the magazine - no matter how good for you. Cooking Light double-checks all their recipes in their own test kitchens.

There are also several articles in each issue devoted to other healthy lifestyle concerns, like exercise or general nutrition.The magazine also features a range of new food, cooking and healthy-lifestyle products. Whether you're a food lover or someone who's wanting to gain insight into healthy living, you'll like Cooking Light. You don't need to have a desire to eat light to enjoy the magazine or the food - it's just plain good in addition to being health-conscious.