Reviews For Cooking Light Magazine

Excellent recipes & articles!

I have subscribed to 'food' magazines for over 35 years beginning with my first, Bon Appetit in 1970's. I have subscribed to every major and some minor food preparation magazine out there through the years. I have a degree in Home Economics Education (now called Environmental Sciences), a minor degree in nutrition and I love to cook 'wisely' avoiding empty-calorie foods.

Making efforts to unclutter my life in recent years, I ceased all subscriptions with the exception of two: Eating Well and Cooking Light. Both of these publications have terrific recipes but also offer excellent articles on nutrition and health issues. There are great articles on various physical exercises (CL), herbal supplements and even wine. Each publishes an annual recipe book, but the articles from the magazine are worth the subscription if you are interested in all aspects of "healthy living" from food to skin care.

Cooking Light Magazine

I've been either subscribing or buying Cooking Light for 10-15 years and it's one of my favorite magazines. I've lived most of my life in B'ham, AL, home to Oxmoor House's Cooking Light & Southern Living Magazines and have taken several tours through their facilities and test kitchens. Let me tell you that if you ever want to try a new recipe on guests, recipes from these magazines are the way to go. Every recipe is tried in their test kitchens prior to publishing and because I'm from the south and they are tested in the south by southerners, I've never been disappointed nor have I ever tried a 'bad' recipe from these publications. Hands down, it is one of the best 'light' cooking magazines available and the recipes are almost always something you actually like to cook at home. I even buy the annual recipe books for both magazines every year and they are my 'go to' cookbooks when I'm looking for a recipe that I know will always work and that doesn't have mistakes or omissions printed in the recipe. Am I biased? Maybe. Is it worth you taking my review to task? Definitely!

So inspiring!

I love Cooking Light. I use their website a lot but there is nothing quite like thumbing through the magazine, with it's beautiful pictures and inspiring ideas. I have given a subscription as a birthday, wedding and just because gift and all I get is thanks. I recommend it for anyone who loves to cook. It will only inspire you more to get out and try some new recipes. Enjoy!

Love This Magazine

Great selection of recipes that are healthy. Some miss the mark once in awhile (at least for me) but there is enough in each issue to make it worthwhile.

Yes it has ads (it is a magazine) but it does not detract from its value.

Every month I can find something new to try and it works as a reminder to branch out when it arrives. I have been trying to eat better and this definately helps

Highly recommended

Cooking Light

The magazine has several articles each month of general interest and plenty of good and healthy recipes. Most are easy to make and provide variety. I look forward to the magazine each month and enjoy reading even when I don't plan to make the recipes.

A Must For Those Who Want To Cook Healthy

This is one magazine that I read cover to cover. The articles are great and the recipes are actually ones that ordinary folk can use. No fancy ingredients, just good healthy foods and easy to prepare. The photos are a major plus. If you love to cook and want to eat healthy, this is the magazine for you.

good lifestyle mag

I enjoy getting this mag. There's always some ideas to add variety to my menus and I have some old favorites from years ago that are part of my routine now.
I hate making dishes that are obviously unhealthy (like using sticks of butter or cream) and this way I get recipes that are up my alley.

Coking Light is Great!

We have gotten the first issue of Cooking Light and are already enjoying some of the recipes. Thank you for this opportunity. John Brueger

Love It!

I love the new subscription to Cooking Light! I enjoy cooking but am nowhere near 'advanced' skills. I have ripped several recipes from my first issue to try soon. Ingredients are simple (no need to buy an overpriced random ingredient that will be used only once). The first dish I've made was absolutely delicious (Jan/Feb10 chili con carne). I highly recommend this one!

More than light

This is such a great magazine. It is more than great light recipes, but also has other health information such as exercise. If you are wanting to take care of your body and your family it is a definite bonus to make it fun and easy!