Reviews For Cooking Light Magazine

Worthwhile monthly indulgence

Without a doubt, Cooking Light is phenomenal. Every recipe I have tried in my September issue is great. I can't even pick up the October issue because of so many choices in the first. Unbelievable that I waited this long to become an addicted fan! Anyone could benefit from this magazine. It has healthy alternatives for favorite recipes; plus it contains lots of tips and articles concerning achieving an allover healthful lifestyle.

This has great options for dinner parties, tail-gating weekends during football season, and easy everyday cooking. I consider myself an above average cook. With this kind of instruction, who knows, I may be the chef out of all my friends. Everything is easy too! Most recipes call for ingredients already in your kitchen.

This is truly the gem I have been looking for. I will need to make room in my cabinets for all the back issues I plan on saving. If you are considering subscribing, I strongly suggest you do as soon as possible. Then you can share in these fabulous meals I have been eating!


Best day-to-day cooking magazine

I love Cooking Light. Of the three cooking magazines I get (the others are Bon Appetit and Gourmet), it's my favorite for the day to day cooking, and some entertaining. The recipes are easy, the nutritional information is great, and the they really allow you to experiment with their recipes.

One thing that this magazine had helped me do is to learn how to "throw stuff together" and have it come out tasting good. It's also helped me to learn how to substitute different ingredients in my other recipes in order to make them a bit more healthy.

The books that they publish at the end of the year are fabulous. I don't have to worry if I get sauce or olive oil on the magazine since I know the book is coming.


Does your menu need a little spicing up?

Sometimes it seems like months between my issues of Cooking Light. This magazine has come along way. I remember when the recipes were basic and there was no mention of a healthy lifestyle. Now they address all aspects of a healthy body, from the inside out. Cooking Light is laid out in a way that helps you get right to the recipes or savor the articles and save the recipes for last. Sometimes I just need a lift or feeling uninspired in the kitchen. (I have a husband and two employees that I cook for everyday). I love the way they take a recipe loaded with calories and fat, make a few substitutions, and voila! you have a delicious recipe with half the calories and fat.

I say you can have your cake and eat it too!


a wonderful magazine for

Cooking Light is the magazine that first turned me onto cooking. I have spent many more hours chopping vegetables and tracking down ingredients in the grocery store then I ever did before I subscribed.

The recipes included monthly range from easy to fairly complex. Ingredients are usually easy to locate, but some recipes can be expensive (at least for a college student) Special sections feature vegetarian recipes, and thirty minute recipes.

There are also articles on health and fitness. Overall, this a very good resource for cooks, wannabe cooks, and those who are concerned about being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle.

I recommend this magazine to everyone.


great magazine with doable recipes

I look forward to receiving this magazine every month. I try to eat healthy (some times more than others) and this magazine gives nutrition information for each one of its healthy recipes. The recipes are doable, for the most part, too -- easy-to-find ingredients, fairly simple, short procedures -- and if they happen to take a little bit longer, you certainly know by reading the step-by-step of putting together each recipe.

This is not only a cooking magazine, however -- it's also chock-full of articles and health information. The first 1/3 of the magazine contains articles dedicated to leading a healthier, fuller life. Note: this is NOT information about "dieting", but rather making real lifestyle changes. And that's the whole theme of the magazine.

I've gotten several favorite recipes from here (I still take the nonfat spinach dip from... 5+ years ago? to parties and people love it) and hope to continue doing so!


Recommended For: Anyone

A Useful Diet Tool

I recently purchased my first issue of this magazine and was delightfully surprised. I am a subscriber to Gourmet and Bon Apetit magazines and thoroughly enjoy that style of cooking. I did not expect Cooking Light to live up to their standards, but it does.

I am on the Weight Watchers diet and needed a way to determine point values for foods that I enjoy that do not show up in the Weight Watchers point guides. Each recipe provides nutritional data that allows me to determine the points per serving.

There is a variety of recipes. Many call for everyday pantry-type ingredients and others call for more exotic ingredients. I really enjoy that blend. The pages to my copies of this magazine are well-worn.

The recipes are adaptable. You are given enough info to know what you can add or delete in the recipes to adapt it to your personal taste ( or that of guests).

There are articles on fitness and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle in each issue. The articles do not scream commercialism. They have a more informative flavor. I do not resent seeing them in this magazine about food.

This magazine is tastefully done and very useful, whether you are dieting or just want to eat flavorfully and healthfully.



I eagerly await each issue of "Cooking Light". The feature recipes are fantastic, low-fat, and tested. Readers send in their favorite recipes and the magazines remakes them into healthier versions. This magazine is a healthy "Bon Appetite". I always make at least one recipe from each issue, and usually add it to my favorites. There are a lot of exercise and fitness articles which I could do without. I am more into cooking than exercise, but other people may enjoy those articles. Overall, this is my favorite cooking magazine. It is practical and healthy. You won't find recipes that include a 1/2 cup of butter and 2 cups of cream. If that is what you are looking for, go with "Gourmet".


My favorite magazine

I have been a huge fan of COOKING LIGHT magazine for the past few years. I started reading it when I would visit my folks over the holidays. I borrowed a copy of one of my mom's CL issues and loved the results I got when I tried the Korean Bolgoi (grilled strips of beef in a sweet, salty marinade). I was immediately hooked on the magazine. I eventually started receiving a subscription to COOKING LIGHT. I have been a subscriber to both BON APPETIT and GOURMET magazines, let me just say that I think COOKING LIGHT is vastly superior to those magazines (although I do like reading them) because the recipes are not so high end (i.e expensive) and involves expensive, hard to find ingredients. I also enjoy the health tips and articles the magazine provides. I have tried a lot of recipes from COOKING LIGHT and they are all delicious as well as healthy. This magazine is not just about eating healthy but staying healthy too.


Cooking Light is by every measure the best cooking magazine I've come across. And my girlfriend love it too!

The meals are easy to prepare, even when you don't have a lot of kitchen acumen. They are simple, with all the ingredients listed. Also, the ingredients are usually things you CAN find in the grocery store, unlike a lot of magazine's dishes.

Definitely a good magazine subscription to have.

At the beginning, I tried to make at least 1 meal from each magazine a month. Now, I find myself going back to it at least 3-4 a month. Friends always rave about the dishes I prepare with CL's recipes too.

Big fan of this mag.

Cooking Light

Love the magazine! I read it cover to cover. Healthful recipes, good nutrition information, interesting contributors.